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Implementation of Luxury Villa Project in Nakheel by Kea Design

Do you live in Dubai?

Native, resident, or investor?

Do you dream of having a luxury villa built?

Between the choice of land, the builder, the financing and the administrative procedures, you do not know where to start. Whether to rent or to reside, the choice of the location of your villa is very important. That's why you have to call on an architect, who in addition to advising you, guides you in the phases of the construction of your luxury villa and despite the amazing places available in Dubai, will be a good choice the implementation of luxury villa project in Nakheel by Kea Design.

The advantages of resorting to Kea Design company, Dubai:

For individuals wishing to build a luxury villa, the resorting of an interior designer has many advantages. Being a construction professional, he gives you personalized support and construction in your image by synchronizing his technical knowledge to your ideas and in carrying out his work, he is required to respect the wishes, budget, requirements and constraints of clients.

The villa seen by an interior designer, what is it?

A detached house or villa is a pile of:

  1. Budget to be respected
  2. Standards
  3. Laws
  4. Wishes
  5. Technicality
  6. Aestheticism
  7. Concrete desires
  8. Compromise

Once this synthesis is made, it comes out of the imagination of the one who draws the villa, a satisfactory house project or not, the difference between a villa plan not pleasant to live in and an excessively functional and radiant villa, lies in the logic of organization of the pile mentioned above.

Kea Design company will offer you a methodology to get started drawing and implementation of luxury villa project in Nakheel, one of the biggest construction flags in Dubai and the biggest contributors to the renaissance of construction and urbanization in this ultra-developed country.

Villa plan: The synthesis!

What is the conjunction of all my constraints, you might say? This information will create the virtual frame or block in which you will sculpt your work.

The block is mainly described by the Local Urban Plan, the rules concerning setbacks at the separative limits, heights, setbacks from the tracks, the footprint surfaces, the COS (content optimization system), everything is in it: Once the block is defined, then comes the cutting, the finer work begins!

PRO Kea Design procedures:

  • To simplify the task, be sure to complete a regulatory sheet detailing all the rules and constraints.
  • Determine the positioning of the rooms on the plan of the villa.
  • Reading the rules and the terrain.
  • Drawing a house plan takes time, do not believe that the first solution will necessarily be the right one.

Once a sketch of a plan is made and you are satisfied, it may happen that two solutions are not completely satisfactory and the combination of these gives a result that more completely meets your expectations, so take the time to think and give yourself time to pause to let the ideas mature, the solution will come by itself and with kea design, the implementation of your luxury villa project in Nakheel will be marvelous landmark.

Whether for a new project or a renovation project!

Draw, think, go back on your old ideas, it is these back and forth that will give the correct villa plan

The villa plan finished; the architecture begins!

Once the plan of the house is finished, it is necessary to move to the 3D dimension and build an architecture.

A house is not only a plan, for your house to be "pretty" it must now be personalized and give it an architectural character. It is this step that will make the difference between interior designer and an Architect and joining both skills to finalize the masterpiece intended.

When you realize the elevations of your house plan, you will become aware of the complexity of the link between 2D and 3D. To help you in this process, we can bring free house plan software architect, so that we assist you in this process of designing the plan of your villa in 3D Rendering technology.

Kea Design Dubai offers to all project owners subscribing to a contract with us, a 3D modeling of their luxury villa project to allow them to feel the places in 3D volumes.

This gem of contemporary architecture is for those looking for a stunning high-end property that has been designed to impress. Ready for the modern and innovative luxury villa project in Nakheel, with stunning sea views and land will impress with its exquisite beauty and functionality, the highest quality, state-of-the-art technology, and impeccable style. The exceptional contemporary design will feature special architectural elements and water elements that have the power to make this house absolutely spectacular. rive away It will be based on clear geometric shapes, minimalist color scheme, huge panoramic windows, floor-to-ceiling glass doors and a system of frameless glass railings that will allow you to enjoy the marine panorama in all its splendor.

After implementation of luxury villa in Nakheel by Kea Design you can enjoy all aspects of luxury life in the new world established at Dubai, with restaurants, shops and at least golf courses nearby. Within walking distance there is an elegant clubhouse sports Club with an excellent and international restaurant, gym, paddle, and tennis courts in the gardens, shopping centers perfect for daily needs. It is worth mentioning the sandy beaches, the elegant beach clubs, the glamorous marina with its vibrant nightlife. Known for its charm and gastronomic offerings, is also just a few minutes' drive away.

Kea Design experts in the "House of the Future": who are the leading company in the architecture, interior design and sustainability sectors and manufacturer of external and interior doors, furniture, under the theme of sustainability and green solutions, united in the "Green House" panel, and present to customers modern possibilities for home automation.

We offer you a fully furnished villa in the heart of Dubai, at Nakheel project, from each point on the thriving civilization, there are enchanting views of the surface of the inverted water, and some in the distance can also see the features of the opposite coast. In addition to the natural beauty, one feels the rich history of the area that preserves many historical sites.

Dubai is a favorite place of recreation and a favorite destination for tourists from all over the world. Their choice is determined by the opportunity to visit it all year round, the preserved nature, as well as the spirit of life on its beaches where there are large hotels, a symbol of the "tourism industry"

In this area, new buildings with spirit and history, located right on in big construction areas and sunk in greenery. The streets are filled with shops, where the kitsch is foreign and they fit wonderfully into the atmosphere of attractive buildings.

Here is also one of the most beautiful panoramic roads in the world offers breathtaking views over the new incredible renaissance. The legendary Dubai, has been added to the list of "most beautiful places in the world" because of its unique architectural beauty.

It was named after a water well called the Khawaneej. The well was called the Khawaneej because it was the only source of camel watering in that area, so the owners of camels tied it in the well and the rope to which the camel is tied is locally called the stranglehold and the plural is “Khawaniq” and in the local dialect the letter Q C is pronounced so the well was called the Khawaneej because of the many strands that are connected to this well.

Located in an area with amazing views in Nakheel project, luxury villa implementation were added to the outstanding success of Kea Design company previous achievements with: our unlimited imagination remarkable fit out, distinctive, eye-catching, complete furniture selection with modern beauty specifications: the property has 2 floors with 4 bedrooms, a spacious living room with a living and dining area, a sauna and a room with fitness equipment, kitchen Installed with cabinets and electrical appliances. Everything is very spacious and bright. The courtyard with a rich landscape and outdoor pool are literally "peek" like a picturesque lake

The luxury villa project creates an extraordinary sense of spaciousness and freedom. A fabulous place for both living and family recreation with children. The advantages of this one-of-a-kind property are its location, breathtaking views, quality of the environment and impeccable performance. Appreciate the benefits of this attractive atmosphere of bliss, tranquility and harmony...

The implementation of a project concerns the performance of all those tasks envisaged in the planning of this. In turn, these tasks, as their name suggests, allow us to achieve the goals proposed at the beginning.

The implementation phase of the project is one of the most appropriate phases. After planning a project, the next step is to implement it. When we know what we want, it's time to take action. This phase is nothing more than that, turning what is written on paper into reality and with follow-up, observing what happens to correct it if necessary.

Importance of the implementation of a project.

The implementation phase is perhaps the most appropriate and ground for each project. The reason is that it will decide whether in practice it will be successful or not. In addition, it is the most durable, occupying between 70% and 80% of the total time.

Of course, it is also the most complex, so the figure of the process engineer becomes essential, with some of his attributes being as follows:

He needs to coordinate and direct everyone's efforts toward the common goal: It may seem like a simple job, but nothing is further from the truth. In a world where accidents and unforeseen events are normal, you have to make decisions and face the consequences.

You need to maintain absolute control over everything that's done: Of course, you should use support departments like the secretariat or consultants and advisers. Tools such as a spreadsheet can be invaluable. Watch the choice of the right people: The process engineer needs to know exactly what to do and thus choose who does it.

You need to know all aspects related to your work: Among others, which organization chart would be most relevant or how to use charts.

Project implementation phases

To perform a project, you need to be aware of its stages. This is because after defining the goals and planning them in detail and in writing, it is time to fulfill them. In this way, we can perform feedback and correct possible deviations.

Therefore, with the plan on the table, implementation of luxury villa project can be carried out as follows:

First, start: Once scheduled, you need to perform the established tasks and activities. Everyone needs to know what to do so that it can start as soon as possible and without delay.

Secondly, communication and monitoring: In this case, the project manager, coordinated with the general management, must establish the communication channels. On the other hand, you need to observe the whole process.

Phase three will be control: You need to check what you're doing to know if there are deviations. This is when regular team meetings play an essential role.

Finally, we have the fourth phase of corrections: Knowing what happened in relation to the original plan, the necessary actions can be taken. This is the moment when contingency plans can be put in place.

Nakheel, Dubai's global real estate developer, has announced a new vision for its projects in Dubai aimed at reshaping waterfront concepts and lifestyles, and in line with the Dubai Urban Plan 2040, the company's projects will contribute to cementing the emirate's position as a preferred global destination for residents, visitors and investors. Exceptional offers that include innovative living experiences, cultural centers, allowing residents and visitors to enjoy sports and leisure activities, and distinctive beach clubs, all in one interconnected location that can be easily accessible from both the city and the airport.

kea luxury design team will be helping every client every step of the way to achieve the realization of their dream home. And when it comes to the selection of furniture and materials, the Kea Design team is very practical from design presentation, implementation to installation and fixing. Kea Design also has its own furniture manufacture and factory which has the full ability to perform an exquisite furniture design as well as custom finishes, sizes and fit-outs. As a state-of-the-art architectural and interior design firm, kea Design, offers absolute comfort and a complete and hassle-free experience for every customer as they realize their dream home to reality.

Achieving implementation of Luxury Villa Project in Nakheel by Kea Design

The concept of modern style has recently become highly sought after for architecture and interior design. That in addition to having its exceptional fashion design, the modern interior concept has recently been presenting a timeless interior design setting that has a very playful humor, especially in the selection of furniture and décor created. It was in fact so refreshing to have an exquisite layout in each interior that features the ideal interior design according to the personality and lifestyle of the owner. With kea Design, every customer will absolutely love the way they live, achieving the most desirable interior environment of their home.

Cruelty and refinement are not opposite ends of a luxurious spectrum. These are two complementary features with which to populate a luxurious environment.

If your goal is to buy a home for its resale, then it may be the wisest choice If it is similar or lower in price to the others, then there should be no problem, because pricing should be considered, remember that you also buy a home for its value to you as a „home,” and that is something else you should consider

Kia Interior Design Company has become part of the fabric of interior engineering in Dubai, whether in terms of interior design, decoration, furniture selection, and fit out all this did not come from nowhere but because of experience and determination to achieve the highest level of success and prove merit and mastery in work as well because the developed market in Dubai requires a high level of responsibility to keep pace with the infinite development.