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10 Simple Styling Tips For Your Home

The criteria of interior design and the advantage of taking market opportunities in a successful way through practical styling tips is a must for interior designers.

The main point you should focus on it is how you can merge professionally between practice and theory or ideas from the market and real designing principles. @Kea-design we learn new things and on daily basis, the more you become aware of the potential you hold within yourself and what you could accomplish in interior design. If you do not exploit this potential, if you do not put into practice what you learn, for sure we will be unable to follow the market properly because of the challenge.

Decorating definition of your home consist on empty space using which is the basic criteria of an interior designer, how he can utilize small spaces in an embelled form, styling tips clear details without any crowded images or congested illustrations and styles her the practice and experience continue the theory process.

How you exploit space as an interior designer perfectly and create areas from main space depend on basic designing plus creative aspect. Here the most important 10 styling tips for success your home design.

  • Utter of creativity is derivative from many things like how you produce your own space through the project nature and issuing architectural solutions identical to interior divisions proportionally to targeted spaces. So how interior designer invent a mass or a successful structure by new solutions and untraditional ways, those imaginative factors stem from the personality of interior designer, the tools he uses and the lifestyle. In this domain, segregated graphics from mental storm, collected information about projects in hand and how you get best choices utilizing continuous visional practice, best successful factors performing background and decorating imaginations for spaces in deep details and how involve inspiration to make your own concept, add your fingerprint and finally obtaining a touchable art. What an interior designer uae, can produce and hide, special styling tips, inside spaces and other elements help finalizing projects ideally.
  • Second part for dealing with space objective is the need and activity, as interior designer, our job is not targeting only private residentials; it is concerning all what is called interior: residential premises, recreational projects (restaurants, coffee shops…), commercial retail or corporate projects (stores, shops…), pure service activity places (enterprises, clinics…).
  • It is very normal when mentioning the project, you study your space as a result of any designing decision through what is applicable to residential premises not applicable to another service project in design industry; each project has a unique nature, tint, and different procedure, so you qualify the space nature to get successful style.
  • The subject is not limited to decorative elements, color choices, furniture or accessories, priority is analyzing the site perfectly, illustrating different spaces and how you issue practical styling tips for small, medium or big spaces. Small spaces with simple style and limited simple tips are very challenging. Mostly people choose that kind of residence limited to their financial capacity, the essential need of client, he wants to feel his location comfortable and invested in all its empty corners. However, the consultant graphic designer will share his imagination with customer and show him the place from his own point of view.
  • Good designer must not aim to sell big quantities: furniture, accessories, boards…, repartition of items inside your home, using of relaxing colors painting, coatings and special lights is a must to obtain an impressive design and bringing new potential customers especially in residential apartments. the random repartition of furniture is useless while the opinion of designer can add great result for both parties.
  • Flexibility of client help designer in his work, he is not limited to some immovable furniture or boards or even walls, otherwise problems will face the decorator and oblige him to minimize his creativity.
  • Panels, mirrors, plantation… lot of things, graphic designer kea can use, to renovate the project and produce some special effects and here our strength @ KEA design UAE.
  • The other challenge is big spaces: you should invest spaces in maximum by distributing furniture, which is false. The main role of designer is to create different spaces with variety less any kind of random distribution plus the vision of graphic designer who, at the end should satisfy the client diversifying the unit by many small units.
  • Project examination, site data collection and designer experience produce a professional design mainly after customer meeting, if interior designer were able to convince him it means also that his strategy dealing with customer psychology, understand his needs and imposing his trust. In other terms “first impression” will allow graphic designer to explain and control the client.
  • Consultancy, designing and execution of project are main target of an interior designer; kea-design process is the first production of a successful planning detailed with all sizes, data and information of the environment around. A successful structure issued from empty space with their customer imagination choosing small details starting architectural design, decorative design and different professionalism. Stylish designs often known modern and classic or semi classic, but those design still in continuous progress thus customer could find at kea designs uae fresh designing styling tips with different proposals not limited to old or modern models but with vision and experience as the wide variety of customers oblige the designer to create the best kind of designs with less cost adding to this our policy consist on follow up with our client satisfaction.

All above came from designer flexibility avoiding copy paste designs and granting basic new styling tips not similar to social medias designs and evaluation of project’s cost with the client budget.

Compromising colors in harmonious details with customer psychology and acceptation is kea slogan” sensory relationship is different from one to another, we make a space beautiful even people search for beautiful space”.

Every design has a standard aesthetic and lighting is a fixed base, the output of a perfect area with amazing decorative details requires presence of natural day light combined with artificial lighting, focusing on many types of lighting will produce a great value of the masterpiece issued with liars, cladding indirect light sculptors or special visual effects.

General description tips for your home decoration depends of the space, dimensions, area and environment. To avoid rejected projects experienced designers are available to suggest, advise and inhibit repeated designs.

Perfect way to choose curtains:

The curtains obscure a section of the sun and give warmness to the room, so it is preferable to choose light-colored curtains (beige, white…) depending on the decoration.

If the whole room is open, all its curtains must be in the same cloth and the same design and it is very important to have fine curtain cloth (silk, light cotton, linen, velvet) preferably snuff and their colors are usually neutral (beige, white, gray).

It is preferable to have simple style in the design of curtains (classic) and to be drop down (American model) and not the Roman model, able to be drawn through a customized way in the ceiling.

Perfect way to decorate master bedroom:

Making the bedroom a heaven for relaxation, it is not recommended to receive business activities, so it is necessary to move the small office or work items to another room. On the other hand, additional drawers can be designed in the cabinets, with the aim of keeping away everything that accumulates on the side bed table.

Perfect way to decorate the family dining room:

There is no need for family members to eat in the formal dining room, daily, or take out the ornate dishes for each meal, but it is enough to follow a simple tip to enjoy a pleasant session with the family, as follows:

The family dining table should be arranged in an innovative style, select a carpet suitable for the kitchen floor or living room under the table, install a modern chandelier above the latter, to make the appearance of food more attractive, and be careful to add colorful seating pads on the chairs, to break the stereotype.

Wood features:

Wood is often described as warm, luxurious and comfortable, because it is inspired by nature. In the world of decoration, the uses of wood are endless, particularly in the cladding of surfaces, noting that the ceilings of the sitting rooms and corridors dressed in the noble opacity mentioned are not without attractiveness, and that the ceilings mentioned are finally desirable in the houses “Modern”, in the context of bringing the enclosed environments closer to the atmosphere of nature, as well as drawing attention and encamping the interiors.

The styling tips of cladding ceilings with wood can create feelings of comfort, warmth and relaxation among the seated, as well as attract their attention, the luxury is not without aesthetics, and is available within the framework of the design of the ceilings, according to countless models, although the description of the decorations of the ceilings in wood does not often refer to the natural material but sometimes to the crust of wood or compressed wood. The work of cladding ceilings with wood or any material that mimics them is not limited to a specific style of decoration, but is suitable for all types of houses and acts as a sound and light isolation.”

Iron ore in interior decoration:

In modern spaces, black iron is included in the design of the table or the tv wall, the wall that is one of the shelves surrounded by iron, with glass panels inside. In addition, the design of the open iron box, distributed throughout the wall, can be adopted.

Iron can be included in the preparation of the imaginary separation between the rooms, between the corridor and the lounge, or between the last and the corner of the salon, by using iron bars, in black, stretching from floor to ceiling. The bars are distributed spaced (or convergingly), with the aim of blurring the vision on the other side. The space behind bars is stacked with mirrors (glass or wood drawings).

Corridor’s roles in gardens decoration:

Corridors are not just spaces to help move from one section to another, in the outdoor gardens, as these places complement the overall decor, with a multiplicity of materials, shapes and even colors used in the design. Garden sections connect each other through corridors designed from several materials (stone, cement and wood…) and are lit with attractive lighting elements, and are packed with grass, enriching the exterior decor, according to interior designer’s kea, corridors also connect the gardens of the houses to the houses, noting that there are many corridors, most notably those that offer outdoor sessions, as well as corridors that precede entrances to your home and corridors leading to the backyard.

The design of these paved outdoor spaces can be standardized mostly with outdoor tiles that withstand harsh climate factors, from moisture and rain, with the choice of light colors or concrete colors, grass support, or even the preparation of drawings in the floors by special stones. Also, in the presence of crops near the corridors, the latter must be framed and may be roofed, to prevent sun and rain.

Main door entrance exclusive designs at kea, Dubai:

Experiential team priorities at kea, designs uae, is using latest drawing technologies, best raw materials quality and quality control on each product issued from the extraordinary imagination which proved already success, creativity and continuity. For main door entrance people search mostly for simple styling as it is external but, for us, this door is a direct reflection of indoor creativity and comfort.

Choosing an impressive entrance is to connect outdoor designs “in private properties case” with internal work of graphic designers who aims to reach 100 % satisfaction for both parties” designer and customer”:

Customer satisfaction will be sometimes minimized if he looks for normal contractors using copy paste mode without any imagination about the place, space size and customer profession.

Kea graphic designers’ satisfaction is when reaching total using of his experience and issuing a real masterpiece helping each house family to feel relax and comfortable in all details of his space.

Perfect way to choose carpets:

Gcc countries warm climate oblige people to keep Ac’s turned on, winter or summer, cold floors require carpets distribution in an intelligent way, the carpet choice should be suggested by interior designers to keep simplicity, shining pads reflecting the lights with harmonically carpets colors balanced with curtains, mirrors, rooms painting and space size.

Bathroom’s decoration:

Bathrooms are the least spaced places in the house, so you need to know how to use these spaces, and bathroom décor has standards and basics to follow to get the finest styling tips.

A very important element in bathroom décor design, you must have enough lighting but not too strong because it will cause inconvenience, following modern design standards will give you a very comfortable design without forgetting some decorative frames.

Kea Dubai, Analyze the market, discounted furniture can decrease the designer ability to control his customers if they look for cheap items, non-adequate choices of clients limit his imagination in house assets but here the creativity play main role to unify views by breaking some rules or adding some boards, mirrors, chairs, lights effects, visual tricks, …

In order to ameliorate business @ kea-design, it is essential to survey feedback clients thus customer needs and interior designers vision work in concordance to get exciting trends and import worldwide market to Uae multi customized market.

Perfect way to choose glass:

In general, glass is used for windows to prevent wind, dust, heat… Nowadays, glass became ornate with multiple colors, different thickness, anti-heat, soundless, total glass wall with panoramic views.

Aluminum also can be chosen from a variety of colors and thickness imported or manufactured in uae, available raw materials used @ kea-design, mostly fabricated at uae, to encourage local business.

Perfect way to decorate home:

Choosing home is a personal decision for each one of us, choosing designs can be personal through available models or specialized magazines or even from normal carpenter factories. But lifestyle cannot progress if all choose same décor. As designing profession requires talented people inventing new products, performing new styling tips for your home style and leading power of creation. In deep of the graphic designer, you can touch the admire of his profession to elaborate best of designing methods using storms ideas inside his mental vision.

The pandemic disease covid 19, kept people at home for a long period, during that time they discovered weakness of home comfort in each useless space, what can add necessity of new designs creativity.

This corona illness obliges people to search online available markets and online communications with designers to improve their places.

Kea designs followed all governments instructions to avoid the maximum this virus and its disease between kea company staff, but stayed inside market of designs with prosperous production.

That’s why the perfect way to style your home is to contact a perfect company including a various and talented team who like his work, respect client requests, and offer best quality of business.

Kea designs was, remains and will stay powerful leader in uae market, masters of wood industry and extraordinary proficiency and perfection.