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Best Interior Design Companies in Dubai, UAE

KEA Design Dubai, Boundless creativity, Endless possibilities.

You are most welcome to Dubai, an octopus which invades the world from the center of GCC with an open trade policy, flexible rules, and unlimited evolution.

Almost, this country attracts the latest creations, technologies, and prosperity, despite the warm climate, tourists, investors, traders and awarded graphic designers from all countries have chosen that country to establish their business unifying a wide variety of civilization in a small shining star with the biggest prosperity expectations ever.

Many people turn to experts who have close knowledge of the best products and famous brands in the luxury furniture industry.

A glimpse of the best international brands and luxury furniture industry that are racing to offer their creations to please customers: French, Italian, and Scandinavian styles were the best home designing choices, as it includes multiple ideas to saturate all kinds of customer satisfaction.

  1. French adds beauty and simplicity keeping traces from old furniture’s fashion with chic and classic inspiration, plus a contemporary casual style. kea design, one of the best interior design companies in Dubai with decades of designer’s experience put your satisfaction at the heart of their work. Indeed, if you feel so good at home, it is partly thanks to the decoration of the interior designer who cares about your little preferences and each room fitting out.
  2. Italian choice combines beauty, durability, and robust products with continuous development, raw materials that are used to produce the finest goods add elegant touch to your home style, and you can also get a great collection of offices, special collection, classic, antique and give customers opportunity to get: 
  • several 3D visuals of their request.
  • 360 degree visit to their interior decor.
  •  3D plan of their apartment.
  •  list of furniture, decorative objects.
  • Exclusive discounts at our showrooms or partners.

The coziest interior decoration is the charm style of the family home, natural, diversity of simple fit out essential for charming style, with a rustic design.

  1. Nowadays the most fashionable style lately is the Scandinavian style. More than just a style of interior decoration, that comes straight from the Nordic countries. Sleek, simple, and colorful, the Scandinavian style is above all a functional style first and foremost an art of living. Kea design, uae race all competitive companies in Dubai in that field showing great results and paradigm shift of all executed projects grace of kea background and fascinating beauty of the Scandinavian unique style different from traditional furniture.
  2. Oriental designs, our tradition in the Middle East remains available in each home with little improvements keeping the old genuine style with sophisticated touch combining new lifestyle look with robust raw material.

Best interior design companies in Dubai, UAE hired famous designers who succeeded in their own place. The diversified culture of those talented designers increases the challenge of performance in order to reach a high range of productivity and sustainability in that unlimited horizon of creation and opportunities. However, the criteria of a successful interior design company is to offer high end finest quality. Once creating an impressive product, the chain will start without the need of any marketing process but targeted people will remark the difference between normal designers and awarded designers which focus on expensive materials.

At KEA Design company, designers study customers’ financial ability, his profession plus his point of view, examine with details his location then prepare many appropriate designs offer joining trending creations to good materials quality.

If you are looking to save money for your designing space: searching through magazines or even by simple visit to sales shops, it will be effective but not comfortable as kea design company offers, which organize items of each room properly, with imagination and relaxing colors adding spotlights and indirect lights in some places to obtain virtual amazing view.

The large variety of restaurants available in UAE, requires particular unique design, to keep good mood, relaxing designs and ambiance each as per specialization such fast food, homemade cuisine, Italian cuisine… adding some comfortable coughs with Italian silky textiles and high-end decorations with wooden cupboards, lights, mirrors, natural flowers or plants…

KEA Design Dubai, UAE executed projects all around Dubai were made with infinite precision, accuracy and timing delivery with an illusionist touch combining our graphic designers experience, best materials quality and latest lifestyle trends. In general, each project is a masterpiece for us at kea design, well appreciated by clients.

By choosing normal decoration without any kind of strategy, customers face problems and regrets in their fitting out due to cheap ways of design or furniture manufacture, however our team is ready anytime to study the place and fix all issues in a competitive time, with impressive results and shining ideas. 

Like all interior design companies in Dubai, kea design showrooms contain a lot of special manufactured furniture as a sample to prove for our visitors the high quality and challenging creativity at our factory: studio, villa or building residential apartment are projects with same responsibility for our designers, but each one has its special design and special vision way without any negligence.

Regarding imported costly furniture which impresses all people, it is available at our showrooms or in manufacturing process with same quality and costless, thus kea design Dubai, UAE assure worldwide furniture trends to customer custody without any shipping freights or customs.

On the other hand, kea design company assume designing skills with accurate imported machines (carpentry, painting…) for best fit out. All KEA design employees showed work perfection from bottom to top hierarchical diagram each in his field with continuous and communication skills.

According to customers feedback, Kea-design Dubai, UAE, who visited our factory and checked out the work process under fixed rules and total safety they remark magnificent illustration with strength points such as: 

  • Good welcoming at main door
  • Immediate leading to concern person
  • Approach of intended need
  • Communications tools
  • Offering many available models
  • Location many visits and planning ideas
  • Preparing suitable new designs and recommendations
  • Finalizing costs, choices and delivery
  • Follow up for feedback satisfaction

Briefly, designing is an art of creation, talent, experience, taste, vision, fashion could be reached by everyone but the new sustainable creation solicits experts in their domain to cover all expected weakness or principal cores producing items. Here, the main role of an interior designer, who is ready to prevent missing or failure design, useless spaces, tough unorganized items, illegal copy design, old furnishings, non-harmonious decorations.

The services provided to you by the graphic designer at kea design Dubai are experience-based services that will save you the trouble of unsuccessful attempts and saving of the high costs of undoing mistakes. The importance of designing decoration for your residential or commercial facilities lies in: Save time, effort and costs in reaching the design that suits your living and business goals.

The points to be taken into account in the décor of the stairs, number of different styles including what is modern and some of which are classic, and in fact choosing the décor of the stairs carefully of each detail that add attractiveness and elegance to the décor of the place in general, so we will present in this article the most important things to take care of when designing the décor of the stairs. The most important points to consider in the décor of the stairs:

Regarding the design of the stair’s décor, the empty space in which the stairs will be made, will these stairs be in the entrance, in one of the rooms or on one side of the place?  large space or small one? What kind of stairs would suit this space, spiral stairs or straight ones? All of these things are determined on the basis of the empty space in which the stairs will be erected must be durable and bear any weight, no matter how heavy, so you must choose suitable building materials that are strong and durable such as bricks, cement, stone, iron and more.

Decoration of main entrance:

You can make lounge decorations by designing a library painted with the same room coating to put in thin artifacts or a collection of books beloved to you or some industrial rose wins.

You can also design the library of gypsum board material, which gives a stylish shape and is lower in price than wood.

The bedroom and it’s privacy are two sides of the same coin, when choosing the details of furniture, decorations and even curtains to spread the lights make sure that they achieve two important elements of total comfort and absolute privacy, choose a comfortable design for the bed and a closet that fully accommodates your needs, and use moderate lighting in the corners of the room and make sure that it is not annoying, and do not forget the most important title which is privacy do not tend to choose light curtains which reveal indoor from the windows.

For modern it is appropriate to choose the type of spiral stairs as they give a sense of modernity and do not need much space. One of the things to pay attention to in the design of the décor of the ladder should be comfortable when using, so we always recommend wide space and distance (33 to 35 cm width) between each stair, it should also be borne in mind that the stairs are not a piece of furniture that can be changed later, it is a fixed piece so be careful to choose its design and location.

At KEA design we give a large importance on kid’s rooms:

Make your children’s bedroom a special and elegant place, children often love cheerful color decorations and attractive graphics and if you want to complete the beautiful decoration of your children’s bedroom, make them 3D wallpaper decorations photos plastered or normal drawings on the prominent walls of the room.

Quality of home model:

The choice of house interior decoration also depends on the quality of the house style, whether it is modern or classic: “Classic houses” are preferred for wood decorations or classic forms of arabesque or empty wood and the colors of their decorations are brown or light beige and are mostly used as lighting units of yellow or orange to complement the spirit of the warm classic house.

Luxury modern houses require modern decorations with different designs and bright colors and preferred explicit colors such as red, yellow, orange and colors that are in line with fashion. Always remember that the fashion of colors in the coordination and design of houses always changes every year, sometimes we find the colors of the quiet pastel sit on the throne of the designs and sometimes we find neutral colors and sometimes dark colors a big role instead of falling into the trap of choosing the latest trends of colors in the decoration and implementing them in your home comes a new season and find that fashion has changed, better to use the basic colors and neutrality that is the winning horse, and change in the touches of decoration, accessories or pillows according to the most widespread color trends.

However, infinite options are available at kea graphic designers, UAE portfolio or even new suggestions to each customer culture or tradition.  

At kea design Dubai, UAE we give importance to coffee shops: which serve as a scientific or practical forum for some people, different from the culture of each group, for this reason many coffee shop owners prefer to use simple design. At the same time, it can attract a large number of pioneers, relying on the use of a number of attractive and multi-identity décor, so it can suit the tastes of many customers. Practically, the design of Moroccan-style coffee features a large number of different and exotic features at the same time, as our decorators improve and integrate these unique features with each other to eventually come up with a distinct project like no other.

The challenge, in every domain, pushes people to search for the better and creators to invent the best, thus best interior design companies in Dubai, UAE try to take a high range in the market, which is large, complicated and needs many industrial factories to cover all requests properly.

Normally, there will be loss for clients hiring inadequate interior design companies with no expert, weak imagination or unfaithful which refer to sub-contractors for fit out, that way profit will be increased on client for companies’ behalf. Why pay more if you can go premium directly.

The best designs that say and indicate in the true sense of simplicity is the title of beauty in everything even in simple architectural designs have a big role in creating beauty within your home, and it is also a basic interior design for houses that pulse beauty, be careful to follow the element of simplicity in design from the choice of styles and blending them and your choices of furniture and decorative pieces make it simple and suitable for the space of rooms in your home, and always remember whenever reduced and coordinated in the choice of furniture pieces and decorations on shelves and tables whenever your house looked prettier and classy.

For irreplaceable comfort in your home, don’t trade for comfort in the house with exchange for a piece of furniture or decoration you like, the basis of our house’s comfort and sense of tranquility, so make sure to choose comfortable pieces of furniture in rooms for example choose sofas and chairs in the living room spacious and made of strong sponges to feel comfortable sitting and make your back straight, as well as in the bedrooms choose sofas and closets that are comfortable and spacious.

Furniture is the basis for dividing your home and sometimes has a big role in separating the rooms of the house in open spaces, and there is more than one way to stack and arrange furniture at the expense of the space of your home that must be taken into account first, if your house space is small divide and stack furniture in the form of an L or U is the most appropriate choice for small spaces in sweet home.

Finally, as per kea interior design company make sure to create balance in the overall composition of your home design so that you feel comfortable, and that the space in your home has a role in its design and create aesthetic details and stay away from over-choosing furniture and decorations in large sizes to fill the spaces and not leave a suitable space in the house that makes its design comfortable.

Kea, design Dubai, UAE leader and one of the best interior design companies in Dubai, uae has proven extraordinary perfection in the work requested, proficiency on manufacturing, timing and efficiency in all company experts and employees which take us to the top ten best graphic design world, Therefore, our company’s interior design experts seek to reach the finer details that show excellence in the ultimate fit out by providing an integrated study of the components of interior spaces with the latest engineering programs.

Keep up with evolution, keep up with kea design, one of the best interior design companies in Dubai, UAE.