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Enhancing to Elegant Lobby Design of Iris Bay Tower Commercial Building

Corporate and business commercial buildings all over the world look out for smart office lobby design. There are a number of seamless designs that you may adopt for office lobbies. Here, kea design project in hand enhancing to Elegant Lobby Design of Iris Bay tower commercial building in Dubai, will come across incredible ideas that will brighten up the whole workplace.

A well-designed commercial building entrance lobby can increase the productivity and creativity of Iris Bay employees by creating a sense of pride and connection, motivating them to strive towards the goals they need to achieve, and providing pride in their jobs. Therefore, it is important to have a good and elegant lobby design plan, as your business can make or break depending on how your employees and guests perceive it. The best lobby design encompasses everything from functionality to the aesthetics and comfort of guests.

The lobby design of the Iris Bay in Dubai is somewhat rejuvenated and inspiring, the ground floor looks perfectly lovely. In addition, some exclusive elements of the lobby design include elaborate amazing sculptures and huge chandeliers.

Waiting room furniture of Iris Bay will make it one of the best places that the clients will admire. With smart ceiling lights and proper sitting arrangements, the lobby Design is shimmering with elegance and taste.

Office Lounge Furniture Design

Basically, the role of lobbies has evolved. Gone are the days when the hall was simply a transitional space where people waited to get a room. Modern hotel lobby design is more than just a waiting area: Because now the hotel lobby design is a place for guests to spend time leisurely, meet other guests, chat with friendly staff, sit and surf the internet, and chat with friends. This changing role of lobbying also requires a change in Lobby Design. It should be comfortable, inviting, functional, and enough to attract guests. Modern hotel lobby design should take all these factors into account.

Why do you need a good lobby design?

The design of the commercial building entrance lobby determines the first impression of the customer and forms the perception in the customer's mind. The lobby design layout can affect the brand image of Iris Bay tower. Conversely, whether it is a small or a high-end lobby design, it should be a place where guests feel welcome and at ease. In the lobby design plan, guests can form a mindset about the aesthetics and hygiene of the rest of the building.

Why are tower lobbies so influential?

When it comes to architecture, the lobby design should be inconspicuous. The lobby design layout can be welcoming and sophisticated enough to attract guests, or it can be flat enough to change your decision.

First impressions matter: unique and welcoming.

Accessibility and all-round views: front desk is located at an accessible point. Space for waiting: socializing and entertaining guests.

Size: large lobbies have increased occupancy. Most guests prefer to judge the place from the huge lobby depicting public areas and luxurious offices.

Design Strategy: Lobby design must be precise for a balance of form and function. Commercial building lobby design should focus on a multifunctional layout suitable for moving activities and general social needs.

Zoning: To increase Iris Bay business, modern lobby design persists in large zones. They provide an easy flow to guests and include social spaces in co-working areas. Some areas of lobby include casual dining, a bar, meeting space and an inquiry desk.

Sound, Music & Entertainment - Designed with sound and entertainment, the lobby makes a good impression on guests. However, these systems must be balanced.

Biophilia: Guests are attracted by the design, which is rooted in the natural world. Therefore, the lobby design of the Biophilia Hotel is considered to be very meaningful. It expresses a superb view surrounded by natural light and an architectural pattern that embraces nature.

Service and operational efficiency: It is important to achieve efficiency. Therefore, you need to understand the operation flow while adopting the lobby design layout of the commercial building.

Lobby Design requirements

Any commercial building design plan should maintain a front desk with staff responding to customers' questions, multiple places to relax, Wi-Fi access, proximity to bathrooms, and places to eat refreshments.

Consider how to use it: the commercial building lobby is not for check-in and check-out only. Because it is used for many activities, you must list each activity to determine its factor. The space should have a seating, storage, desk, etc. Storage elements help store tools like room locks and ready-to-use amenities.

Know who will use it: the commercial building lobby is for staff, guests and visitors. According to the needs of these users, plan a modern commercial building lobby design.

Get a clear answer to the "why". When designing a lobby, always ask why and how you will use the space, with changing scenarios. It will help you develop a clear vision of how the design fits into the larger goals of the commercial building.

Kea design team of professionals in interior design of all types of spaces such as commercial and residential will show you briefly what experts will elaborate at Iris Bay lobby design following the latest trends and accuracy in each detail.

It's important to realize that designing stores is very different from designing a residential space, although it may not seem like that at first, while home interior design focuses on being cozy and livable, a commercial interior design focuses on functionality and the practical side of things without naturally ignoring style.

In fact, in the interior design of stores aesthetics is very important. The very environment in which a product / service is placed helps the sale. Have you ever wondered why that thing sold in a store does not buy anyone but in the next store it is snapped up?

Enhancing the product / service treated with the help of interior design and visual design is the task of the interior design studio.

An excellent design of a commercial premises brings an economic gain in every sense. A saving because an interior designer will be able to optimize the spaces and the practicality / functionality of the same in order to make daily work faster. An economic gain because with the emotional solutions provided the product / service will be enhanced by the surrounding environment and sales will benefit.

In other words, an interior designer for shop and commercial buildings must be able to perfectly balance these elements, not underestimating the safety aspect.


The perspective, vision and needs of a residential interior design project are simple extensions of the resident's personality and preferences, which are reflected in the structure. The focus is on activities such as adding or eliminating structural elements, designing floors, setting up windows optimally, lighting, designing furniture and themes for interior design. The variety in residential interior design comes largely from the perspective of the client, the place and the nature of the inhabitants. Interior designers apply creativity, skill and imagination to set up interior elements with the aim of creating a structure for the home that will remain for a long time without radical changes.

The design of interiors for commercial building, on the other hand, consists in setting up a space for commercial and service activities.

Environments such as retail stores, restaurants, shopping centers, offices, companies, need a design that focuses on factors such as functionality, flexibility, well as a strong dose of emotional living that helps in the sale.

The main issues addressed include planning the separation of spaces for different processes, the inclusion of branding elements, the smooth execution of day-to-day operations, and the integration of technology and telecommunication systems into structural design.

to improve the image of the Iris Bay tower, Points of a stylish office lobby design, which is said to be the face of the commercial building, a stylish space, you will be able to make a good impression not only inside the tower but also on people outside the tower.

On the other hand, some people who are thinking of creating an office lobby may have questions and worries such as "What kind of office lobby is actually there?" or "I don't know what kind of office lobby I should have." Kea design on-going project at Iris tower will respond to all questions, wonderings and issues after the fit-out of elegant lobby design on-going project at Iris Bay.

We can summarize the advantages and examples of designing an office lobby, as well as points to consider when creating an office lobby design.

Pros of designing an office lobby and the disadvantages of not doing so: Recently, more and more companies are designing office lobbies regardless of the size of the company. Some of them create their own playful spaces

However, not many of you may know what changes by designing an office lobby in the first place. So, here we would like to first introduce the advantages of designing an office lobby and the disadvantages of not designing.

The first advantage of designing an office lobby is to improve the image of the company. For example, a design that pays attention to detail can be expected to have the effect of giving a sense of attention to people inside and outside the company. This will also give the company the image of a "solid company" and give it credibility.

Another advantage of designing an office lobby is that you can convey the atmosphere of the company by making the wallpaper colorful and the space high-quality.

On the other hand, the disadvantage of not designing an office lobby is that it tends to be a cluttered space. For example, an office lobby with "simply pasted white wallpaper" or "just a gray carpet on the floor." This kind of space is difficult to give people in the company the desire to "keep it clean," so it tends to be a case where luggage and documents are left randomly

Also, such a space does not make a special impression on people outside the tower, so it seems that designing an office lobby is more beneficial for the offices and the people who work there.

There are office lobbies that are designed in various ways depending on the company, such as spotlights and ceiling lights, wallpaper made of bricks, and chairs for visitors with a retro feel.

Incorporating office design into the reception desk has become the standard for creating a corporate image in the same way as the company's website design. Bring out your personality and create an atmosphere. Office entrances, which are designed by various means and methods, are now an important tool to give visitors an image of the company. The first office entrance that visitors see is a special place that can be said to be the face of the company, so the first impression of a company that incorporates design changes significantly. while respecting the individuality of each:

Adds warmth to a cool impression

The entrance features plastered walls and glass displays with plantings. Besides the cool impression, it also gives a warm and casual atmosphere with planting. Since the company has many visitors, the glass leading to the workspace is both open.

Entrance with a soft atmosphere

It is an entrance that pays attention to details such as the color of the entire space and the built-in counter bench. Without doing anything glamorous, we can use only materials and designs to create a soft atmosphere. The glass on the front brings in natural light to create a sense of openness as well as convey the atmosphere of the commercial building to visitors.

Meet and greet at the impressive entrance

While adjusting the overall tone to a lower level, we can design it so that the entrance sign is eye-catching. Conscious of the smooth flow line, a meeting room is installed on the left side of the aisle, and a workspace is installed on the right side. By dividing it with glass, you can get a sense of openness as well as the effect of letting more light into both spaces

Taking advantage of the depth of the mirror

In order to make the entrance space look wider, we effectively can incorporate the depth of the mirror. The reflection and transparency of light, as well as the expression and shading combined with perforated aluminum lighting, firmly emphasize the value of corporate branding...

Elegant entrance finished with real wood and painted walls

For the entrance space, we should be particular about the materials and place importance on creating a space that gives visitors a sense of security. The planting of the conference room casts light into the aisles, creating an even greater sense of depth. The design of the bench should be enhanced by its generous length and soft touch unique to wood.

Welcoming visitors cheerfully

The entrance area can be designed as a space where interaction between people was born for the first time. a colorful wall incorporating the corporate colors of group companies that you can see immediately after entering brightens the Iris Bay entrance. The fabric on the wall side and the earl of the central construction bench create a softness, and the symbol tree and swag are incorporated as points to create a comfortable space.

Iris Bay tower's elegant Lobby design combines entrance space with a lot of white space that values the visitor's perspective. designed to take in more space than a normal entrance space and make visitors feel that it is a comfortable space. When you add a line, the space becomes sharper: A sharp impression is added by adding line accents to the space where the white walls and glass continue. It is an entrance that creates a spaciousness in the space and brings a bright and transparent corporate image.

Iris Bay lobby design produces brightness and kindness by using bright wood grain and corporate white marble, as well as shaped windows and illustrations with service domain specifications. It is Innovative commercial building entrance design with images, line lighting, the entrance design added a sense of the future.

The interior design of iris bay lobby, kea design provide is based on a deep knowledge of the profession and its progression among eras, and the architecture, art, and other disciplines that include all the arts nurtured in it. It is precisely because professionals with such vast knowledge that innovative and unique designs are possible: The designers we introduce have a proven track record in all fields, including commercial spaces such as hotels and restaurants, public facilities such as hospitals, and residences, and have been highly evaluated by related fields and customers.