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How Do You Decorate A Contemporary Home?

How do you decorate a contemporary home?

Want trendy and design decoration? It's time to create a contemporary and chic decoration! Don't know where to start to energize and change your décor? Kea design gives you many tips and tracks to help you decorate a contemporary home without breaking the bank. Mix the trends!

Contemporary decoration is no longer uniquely inspired. On the contrary, kea design experts play on the mixture of inspirations and styles to give a unique character to your home. For starters, if you're thinking about having your home built, now is the time to start looking for a design and modern style of living, you can easily find something to inspire you here. Then, do not hesitate to draw among the good ideas to create a pleasant and warm decoration, which will go perfectly with your beautiful new and contemporary home!

Because contemporary decoration is a subtle alliance between very modern elements and more authentic accessories, bet on sleek furniture and paintings or wallpapers not too loaded. Kea design makes it simple and sober in terms of contemporary decoration. If your house has just been built or you live in a very recent apartment, do not forget to add some architectural elements that will give a soul to your decoration.

One thinks in particular of a section of wall covered with a cladding of natural stones or some decorative beams in raw wood. The important thing is that it remains in a pure spirit and without fuss.

Colorful accessories, old-fashioned armchairs or large farmhouse tables, it's time to make judicious weddings. A contemporary decoration is not necessarily associated only with ultra-design and a little cold furniture. It is possible to create a contemporary interior decoration by keeping some traditional elements.

Bringing light

The important matter in contemporary decoration is that the rooms are bright. In the past, houses and apartments often had small openings, as it was important to keep the heat inside the dwellings. For the decoration of the living room, kea design chooses a lamp with a fancy print or industrial furniture to bring character, and for the kitchen, kea design choice rather select a retro refrigerator with a fruity color, which will reveal a dynamic decoration while being a very practical object. There are a large number of reissues of particular furniture that have marked the history of design.

Contemporary home decoration is also practical

To imagine a modern and contemporary decoration, it is important to take into consideration the new requirements of our way of life.

Kea design avoids overloading the vision with a lot of information: This is the time to create storage hidden behind large sections or a refined contemporary decoration is in search of comfort, but also practicality without losing the aesthetics of your interior. Far from the old decorations that only aimed at the beauty of a room, kea design loves comfort and adopts a cocooning and cozy atmosphere.

Indeed, the heating /cooling systems and insulation were quite bad. It was heat/cold in the houses and the windows or doors favored a loss of heat/cold. But with the evolution of heating techniques and the better insulation of our homes, light enters our apartments and floods our homes.

The contemporary interior decoration honors this light. We love the large bay windows and windows that let in the sun. To play with light, add a few mirrors of different shapes and sizes to a wall, in order to diffuse the light in a natural way. It's also a great way to bring depth to a room.

Do not hesitate to marry mirrors of different styles, opting for very modern or old-fashioned frames with some gilding.

Playing on textures

We avoid the choice of a single material that would be declined throughout the room. On the contrary, bet on different textures. Kea design mix wood, ceramics, concrete, metal but also warmer textures such as linen, organic cotton or wool., And to bring a little cocooning touch to your interior, add one or two faux fur accessories. There are a large number of accessories to create a truly original and unique decoration. You have the possibility to mix the patterns as well, but without excessively multiplying the prints so as not to create a visual overload.

What colors for the contemporary home style?

To imagine a contemporary decoration, it is enough to decline the paintings and accessories in shades of white, beige but also gray and black. The important thing is to always stay sober. We totally forget the wallpapers with large orange and green flowers of the 70s! This is not the time to bring out all the decorative objects of these crazy years in terms of decoration.

On the contrary, kea design advises paintings and wallpapers that offer a calm and serene atmosphere. The shades are discreet and shimmering, with some iridescent details. In order not to create a decoration that is too sad either, it is necessary to add a few spikes of bright colors. This is a bit like the principle of Scandinavian decoration. This type of décor uses cold hues, which are enhanced by sparkling details.

The light and sober shades are also perfect for restoring or reflecting light inside the room. If your living room has moldings that bring a somewhat rustic atmosphere, now is the time to paint them in a different shade than your wall, in order to make them stand out and show them as a modern element.

Pay attention to a few strong details

Your contemporary interior decoration will be highlighted if you know how to choose a few powerful accessories. All it takes is a well-chosen painting, an appliance element or an amazing decorative object to totally change the decoration of a room. For the decoration of the living room, we choose a lamp with a fancy print or industrial furniture to bring character.

The contemporary style seduces with its bright and timeless aesthetic. It is also the preferred choice of people who quickly get tired of their environment: a few touches here and there, and here a contemporary interior takes on a whole new character. Do you doubt it? Let yourself be inspired!

The muted colors – from pearl gray to taupe – distil a soft and cozy atmosphere. However, these neutrals remain clear enough to maintain a pleasant brightness. To bring a touch of boldness to your contemporary interior, bet on dark colors, daring black or charcoal gray. Black and white living room, we adopt a vinyl wallpaper on 3D woven

Waxed concrete is one of the trendiest coatings in terms of contemporary home decoration. Otherwise, you can adopt an effect paint, less expensive and simpler to implement. We fall for the association with a tiled base, common in water features, but more unexpected in living rooms.

Contemporary interiors have style

Willingly refined, the decoration of the contemporary house is far from lacking imagination. To create a decoration that marks the spirits, the trick is to choose a strong piece – furniture, lighting or decorative element – that will hold the spotlight.

To give colors to a contemporary house, we bet on a sure value: a beautiful painting hanging on the wall. To succeed in your effect, beware of visual overload!! Choose a single frame, unless you have a generous section of wall, allowing a duo or a triptych.

Facing the desk, around the dining room table, on the terrace: chairs are decidedly everywhere. If white or black furniture is common in the contemporary home, nothing prevents you from going a little off the beaten track by daring the color.

Small living room or small dining room? Fall in love with wired furniture, which combines contemporary design and lightness!

In contemporary house, kea design bet on the transparency of the furniture, which is totally forgotten in favor of a decoration with a well-asserted character.

Marble is not only one of the trendiest materials of the moment: it is also the ideal material to bring a very chic touch to the decoration of a contemporary home. In the kitchen or on the coffee table, it attracts all eyes.

Storage enters the scene: the contemporary style is ideal to highlight the volumes. To avoid cluttering the space, it is therefore wise to have a maximum of storage.

Integrated Cupboards: Built-in closets and dressing rooms are particularly well found, because they benefit from beautiful volume. And far from always being discreet, they can put themselves on stage to become real decorative allies!

No room for built-in storage? Never mind: bet on a large tone-on-tone storage, which will blend into the wall. In a small space, choose hanging furniture.

A contemporary house with a cocoon spirit: kea design dare the white in total look... or almost! The gray curtains and the parquet floor are responsible for making the atmosphere soft and warm.

From the bedroom to the living room, the carpet is your indispensable ally to make a contemporary home more cocooning. Here, kea design opt for a model decorated with a graphic pattern, whose colors are discreetly reminiscent of those of the walls.

In a warm contemporary living room, sofa and armchair in color make the show, while the other elements display a minimalist design. Fabric, thick carpets, warm colors and wood: no doubt, the contemporary house knows how to be resolutely cocooning!

Also, what does a modern home mean?

Modern styles include a variety of styles developed in the second half of the 20th century. In contrast to the distinct lines found in modern designs, the pieces feature soft, rounded lines. The interior includes neutral elements and bold colors, focusing on the basics of lines, shapes and forms.

What is the contemporary look of the house?

Modern home design is characterized by a strong horizontal configuration with a large open floor plan, intentional asymmetry, and large expanses of glass windows or glass walls. As a result, many of these homes were designed to blur the boundaries between indoor and outdoor space.

What is the difference between modern and traditional?

Well, modern furniture is the opposite of traditional furniture. Modern means, by definition, "to exist, to occur, or to live at the same time." We belong at the same time." And it's exactly the same with the use of terms in interior design. Modern design refers to what is currently popular or in use.

What are the modern decoration problems?

A contemporary issue can be defined as an event, idea, opinion, or topic of a particular subject that is relevant to the present. Modern issues are found in almost every concern.

How do you decorate your living room in a contemporary style?

In rooms decorated in a contemporary style, heavy use of metal, stone, opaque or transparent glass is effective. To soften and warm up the space, use a dark fabric with a solid texture for window treatments, pillows, or rugs.

What is Soft Contemporary Style?

Contemporary style interior design provides a soft, rounded look to combat the tough lines of the contemporary design era. The soft contemporary interior, developed in the second half of the 20th century, contains neutral elements highlighted by bold colors, and the overall focus is on the basis of lines, shapes and forms. Don't be afraid of bold colors. Perfect if you want to give your bedroom a refreshing, relaxed and refined atmosphere.

What makes a mid-century modern home?

What is Mid-Century Modern?

Mid-century modern represents a style of design that was popular in the 1930s and 1960s. Characterized by a modern, seemingly futuristic aesthetic and an emphasis on function, the mid-century modern movement influenced many types of design.

Can you combine modern and contemporary furniture?

Build your own style of home

When you mix styles of traditional and modern furniture, you are going away with labels to create an individualized, multi-layered living space. That said, combining modern furniture and accessories with traditional ones can often be confusing if you don't plan ahead.

What is the meaning of modern life?

1. Adjusted belong to the same age; have lived or occurred in the same period.

2. are currently present or occurring.

3.Styles conform to contemporary or current ideas such as fashion, design, etc. What makes something modern?

Something new in modern times requires the latest ideas and equipment. In many ways, it was a very modern school at the time. If there is an opinion or way of acting that is not yet accepted by most people in society, people may be described as being modern.

What is a contemporary kitchen style?

Contemporary kitchen design style. A contemporary kitchen is the epitome of a sophisticated minimalist layout. Featuring dark wood or black cabinets, fresh white countertops and smooth stainless-steel appliances, the contemporary kitchen has a functional and sometimes artistic nature.

What are the similarities and differences between contemporary and contemporary art?

Contemporary art has a distinctive style and reflects the inner and outer worlds. Contemporary art focused on Surrealism, rather than depicting life as perceived by influential people in society. Contemporary art was created by artists who are still alive today.

How can I make the outside of the house look taller?

Focus on the entry: Spend your money on the place where they affect the most, namely the front door, to get the best luxury to match your spending.

Create a "purposeful space"

Priority will be given to seats.

Reuse vintage materials.

Anchor seat with inexpensive outdoor rugs.

Be bold with color.

Hang the chained light.

Art deco yesterday and today is one of the most important directions in the history of art. It gained its popularity in the 20s and 30s of the last centuries. The name of this direction in art perfectly reflects its character: The creators of Art Deco expressed themselves not only through painting and sculpture, but also through design and architecture. It was a response to the splendor presented by Nouveau art The creators intended to show the balance and elegance that lacked. As a rule, Art Deco gave simplified forms and symmetrical shapes. Therefore, proportions and geometrism have become a very important point of the projects. The most important rule according to which you must be guided is to pay very high attention to all details and quality of workmanship of each element. That's largely why Art deco is so close to interior design perspective, furniture and decoration.

Interior design:

paying great attention to every detail in the assumptions of Art decoration, an internal contradiction has always been inscribed. - They were supposed to be objects of mass use, but due to finesse, precision and the use of precious materials, they went to the elite and the most elegant spaces. That is why to this day Art deco turns everyday objects into real gems. Not everyone can afford authentic works made in the Art Deco style, and the style itself does not focus on gaining quick popularity through, for example, intense colors. Art deco objects are addressed to a conscious customer who will notice the qualities of subtle elegance they offer, as per kea design perspective each element should result from proportions, transition, continuation and should not be accidental

Contemporary architecture:

The right Proportions of Art Deco allow you to design not only single, unique objects, but also large interiors. It is a proposal for fans of classic elegance, in which style and design are important. At the same time, it is a repetition of certain, characteristic motifs. They should appear on furniture, cornices, in the design of interior doors and lamps. The task of kea design architect here is, first of all, not to design too many decorations, because the contemporary home style does not tolerate exaggeration. Spatial elements, such as bas-reliefs, are extremely advantageous in-home decoration. They were very popular in the 20s of the last centuries, and now they are returning to favor.