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How to Choose the Right Sofa Color for Your Living Room

How choosing right and standard sofa color for your Living Room?

Usually, the position of the living room is at the forefront, main room of the whole house. the decoration of the living room is something that needs to be paid a little attention to. Sofa one of the furniture that is quite important is in the living room, therefore it is important to choose a living room sofa from the shape to the color of the sofa correctly so that the sofa can be easily adapted to your décor and living room. But before you build or renovate your residence, it's a good idea to first consult with an expert to suit your needs. For this reason, we, kea design Dubai, are here to provide solutions for you to choose the right and standard sofa color for your living room.

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If you are looking for ideas to choose a sofa that suits your living room, here are tips that will make it easier for you, as reported by kea design experts.

Sofa Color for Pastel Shades Room

Today decorations using pastel colors are in great demand. Because of the soft color and looks very beautiful. You can choose a sofa with pastel tosca color, very suitable for use in room decorations with cream or white walls, and decorated with décor walls such as quotes or aesthetic images. Don't forget to put some sofa cushions with interesting motifs.

Sofa Color for Wooden Shades Room

In this case, the sofa must coordinate with a room with shades of wood, starting from the floor, to the cabinets in the kitchen. You can choose beige color as your sofa color choice. Because the cream color almost resembles the color of wood, that`s because, using beige color is the best choice for a room, with wooden decorations.

Sofa Color in a Minimalist Room

In a minimalist room, usually the sofa used is more in a simple direction. Such as white, cream, and gray. Usually combined also with pillows with simple motifs, such as flowers or stripes to beautify the room.

Choosing Bold Bright Colors

Sofas can be a medium that strengthens the character of the room. The easy way is to choose the dominant color in the room. That way the character of the accessory with bold colors such as green, red, yellow, and orange, or the patterned accessory will be more visible and stand out from the sofa with the same color.

Sofa Color that matches the Color of the Room

If you want to make the sofa the focal point in the room, but it does not take away the characteristics of the room, all you need to do is to choose a sofa color that is almost in line with the living room. You can use accessories, such as pillows, lamps, and paintings on the top of the sofa.

However, to get good and maximum results, you should first consult an expert before renovating or building your house. That’s why kea Design is here to provide solutions to you. If you are still confused and need to consult an expert, we are ready to help you make it happen.

As the sofa is the focal point and the decorative highlight of your living room, its style has a great influence on the spatial ambience. When choosing your upholstered furniture, which you use day after day and for many years, a style misstep should therefore be avoided at all costs. But how to choose the right color for the new couch?

White or bright sofa: Stylish, but not suitable everywhere

A white sofa is probably the most elegant option for your living room. The extremely chic model also brings a lot of light and a good mood into the room. On the other hand, pet owners or parents of small children shy away from this color because it gets dirty easily. In this case, it is advisable to choose a sofa with a removable cover, so that, if necessary, a large cleaning can be carried out. As an alternative to pure white, many buyers opt for a slightly warmer variant. The linen-colored sofa convinces with a bright, but slightly more subdued shade: ideal, for example, for the Scandinavian furnishing style.

The grey sofa: so, you always lie right

Less susceptible to dirt than white and still neutral enough to blend harmoniously into most interiors. Whether for Scandinavian décor, a rustic ambience or a contemporary designer apartment, your grey sofa supports the respective room environment without being intrusive. However, this strength is also seen by some as a weakness for whom a grey sofa is too inconspicuous. So, if you are looking for more originality and inspiration, kea design recommend the new fashion colors: how about a sofa in Taupe, for example? A beautiful dark blue is also an interesting alternative, as it brings color to the living room, but still remains relatively neutral and fits many different decorations.

Black elegance

Black or very dark colors are currently very popular. For good reason: sofas in these colors stand for simple elegance, especially in combination with a very firm fabric or leather. They are also less susceptible to dirt and give the living room a sublime, quiet touch. But beware: a black couch darkens the room and is therefore only suitable for bright rooms with lots of light. If the furniture is too monotonous for you, just spice it up with colored cushions and plaids that set beautiful color accents and invite you to relax.

Courage for color?

Who hasn't felt the great desire to just fall completely out of the frame? A colored sofa, especially in very vivid and bright colors, is an excellent stylistic device to add personality to your living room. Scarlet, canary yellow, apple green: With these unconventional colors, great effects can be achieved if they are carefully matched to the rest of the decoration (curtains, pillows ...). Under one condition: Keep the walls white for a balanced overall picture. Also, keep in mind that the strong personality of a colored sofa might become too much for you over time. As with all love stories, think carefully before making your final choice!

Decorate your living room with a good sofa

sofa is a very important part of our lives because it is a comfort space. This is where we relax when we get home, and that's why it has to be the centerpiece of our decoration. Choosing a sofa for the living room is a complex task, as we have to choose style, fabric or color well and size and comfort.

We will see different ideas when decorating the living room with a great sofa. This piece of furniture is the most important in the living room, in its central area and what it warns first, so we have to choose it well. There are many types of seating and therefore we have to choose from.

Leather sofa for living room

Leather seating areas are pieces that last longer if we take care of them as they deserve. In this case, the purchase of such seating is an excellent investment. They are more expensive, but they last much longer than fabrics. Therefore, in this case it is better to choose a piece with a classic and simple style that does not go out of fashion. In this case we see one in brown, but there is also rough skin. We think it's an elegant and quality piece.

Vintage Sofa

If you've added other antique furniture, you can include an old sofa. They have a lot of character, although you need to add some cushions to create a contrast and a softer touch. If the cushions have a modern touch, we can create a certain contrast to restore the style of the sofa.

Sofa with deck chairs, Living room with neutral sofa

One of the most comfortable seating areas you can buy is the one with a sun lounger. This type of seating area is perfect if we have a space in the living room, as it allows us to lie perfectly. One of the best decisions, if you want to spend a lot of time on the sofa, is a sun lounger. Buy the sofa in neutral shade and in this piece, you will enjoy the years to come. In this case, they choose a white tone, although they usually selected a much more versatile color than the gray one.

Colored sofa, Living room with colorful sofa

A more audacious idea is to choose a sofa in fun toss or beautiful, which attract attention. Without a doubt, this is a riskier choice, as we need to combine the color of the seating area with the rest of the decoration. You can combine pillows so that they are contrasting and mix different colors in a fun and original way. For example, this one has a strong yellow color that attracts attention and makes the sofa the most important piece in the living room.

Modular seating areas, Modular living room seating

If you want an idea that is very versatile because you want to customize the space according to your wishes, then we suggest excellent modular seating. These types of seating are made up of pieces in very simple versions, only with basic lines. They are usually also sold in basic tones, so they are easily combined. Some have a backrest, others don't, so you can create separate sun loungers or seating areas. It's a fun and very special idea for every living room.

Neutral tons in the living room, Sofa in neutral toss

One of the best ideas for any living room choosing a sofa in basic toss. This idea always works, because it's a piece that's going to be there. At the moment, the gray color is very popular and is easy to combine, as well as a color in which the application is not very noticeable.

Thus, if you start a decorating project from scratch, you can first choose to decorate it. A stunning look as an inspiration for a room could be changed into a vibrant luxury canvas or covered in colorful print. If you add a couch to an already decorated room, or if you want the couch to play a support role, color selection becomes very important. Choosing a new soft for an existing color palette means you'll have to decide whether the couch will be neutral or if it will have an accent role.

There are designers who prefer a sofa that fits the wall color in order to unite the room and make the room larger. If you are buying a sofa that corresponds to your wall color, replacing the color of the wall in the future could be complicated. The most common approach is to choose a sofa that complements another décor and is not the center of attention or camouflaged in wall color. That is why neutral sofa colors are most popular for most homes.

Light or dark? Blue blanket covered in brown couch

When you decide whether your couch is an accent or a neutral color, you'll have to decide whether your couch is light or dark. The color of your floor has a big effect on choosing the right color of the sofa. If you're thinking about a potential couch sitting on your floor, will it float on a sea of dark wood or carpets or fit in it?

Since the sofa is traditionally large and upholstered, and most of the fabric absorbs light, it can significantly obscure the room. The trick I use when considering a new sophisticated color is to find a sheet or blanket in a similar color and upholstery over an existing sofa. This gives you an idea of what the color will look like, and if the sofa will be too dark or too light for the room.

If you're putting a dark sofa on the dark floor, it seems to be disappearing into the room. If you want to use a dark sofa on the dark floor, try making it more visible. A dark couch with metal or light wood legs can create a visual space between the sofa and the floor. Using the lighter saga under the front of your couch can separate the dark colors and make a pop-colored sofa. A lightweight wooden or metal coffee table could also help define the sofa from the floor.

Sofa in light color has different challenges from the dark. The biggest challenge of glowing sofas is coloring and wear. Before choosing a white or bright sofa, consider how the room is now used, and not how you hope it will be used. If your sofa will be used by children and pets, and you still love the idea of a luminous sofa, then dirty blankets are an elegant compromise.

What color suits your needs?

Cozy blue sofa

After considering the light and darkness of your new sofa, it is time to think about the color. If you do not work with the sofa on which you are located, then a sofa in neutral color is a popular choice. Neutral sofas are easy to decorate and easy to maintain in accordance with your style over the years.

Neutral fabric includes beige, gray, dull and cream. Matte beige mush fabric can appear without shine around other colors, but textile beige fabric with shades of monochromatic colors creates interest without adding new colors. He considered a chameleon of style, gray can be sophisticated, comfortable, fresh. A neutral sofa can calmly complement your other décor, but still be stylish and attractive.

A sofa of any color can be nicely integrated into your space if you treat it as a different color from the color scheme. That means adding accessories or prints in the same color as the couch to spread the color around the room. The sofa is a large fabric mat, repeating the same color as the accent can balance your room.

How will you add the final touch?

Close the pillow on the couch

When buying a new sofa, do not feel obliged to buy a suitable seat. Chairs do not have to exactly match the sofa, but they can incorporate the color of the sofa into the pattern or texture. Using table chairs instead of a matching seat provides even more opportunities to add color from the color palette and more options for furniture placement.