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Majorelle Blue or Marrakesh Blue

Ultramarine blue later called ” Majorelle blue”.

This shade brings out the green of the plants and thus highlights the vegetation in a sublime way, Jacques Majorelle, son of renowned furniture designer Louis Majorelle, had many talents and interests, but he was known as an orientalist painter, what qualified him to build The Garden of Majorelle, first arrived in Casablanca and then Marrakech the charming red city in 1917, immediately falling in love with the colorful city. In 1923, he bought a plot of land near the palm grove, began developing and expanding his property and building a Moroccan-style house, a Berber-style building with a long brick tower.

In 1931, Majorelle commissioned architect Paul Snauer to design and build a cubist villa near his first home, in which time he used the ground floor as a workshop, the second floor as a painting, and while the painting continues, Majorelle also continues to delve deeper into another passion, namely, interest in botany. Over 40 years, Majorelle has cultivated 135 plant species from 5 continents, turning his Marrakech property into a charming, landscaped garden with many rare plants. about the story of the garden bright color, Majorelle used his favorite color to paint the buildings around the property, in pink, blue, which then carried a brand called Majorelle Blue. After the park began to form, the park became Majorelle’s only passion, which he said: “This garden is very important to me, which I give myself in full, and I accept to spend my last years in it, and I fall exhausted under its branches, after I give it all my love.”

Majorelle Park fell into disrepair after the death of its former owner, and for four years the garden was completely neglected, until French fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent and his business partner Pierre Berge arrived to discover Majorelle Park in 1966 and immediately fell in love with it. In 1980, when the park was likely to be bulldozed and converted into a hotel complex, he immediately bought Majorelle Park and began to renovate it. To preserve the original vision of Jacques Majorelle, Saint Laurent, who oversaw the restoration project, not only revived the garden but expanded it, installing automatic irrigation systems, a team of 20 gardeners, and the number of plant species increased from 135 to 300. Yves Saint Laurent died in 2008, and his ashes were scattered in the Rose Garden of Majorelle Park, two years later the street in front of Majorelle Park was renamed Yves Saint Laurent in his honor. In 2010, ownership of the property was transferred to Pierre Berge-Yves Saint Laurent, a French non-profit organization, and the Berber Museum opened on the grounds of the park in 2011, providing insight into the creativity of the Berber people, the oldest in North Africa, and a true place of inspiration.

Kea-design company Dubai, uae, with its best selected designers input the furniture and decorations industry in general, this distinctive color renewed in this era, is a unique color that attracted greats of fashion industry to Morocco to invest in an ornate garden dominated by buildings Dyeing in bright blue. The introduction of that Majorelle blue in furniture, curtains or even external walls add an impressive touch to our company projects, which is a shade of purple blue. In the RGB color model, each parameter (red, green, and blue) defines the intensity of the color as an integer with specific percentage.

At kea design, Dubai, uae, our design department contain vast collection, and incredible choices with great affordable high-resolution images and illustrations available for our customers to saturate their needs depending: business sector, family house, number of children, place, space, taste, ensuring kea design unlimited achievement’s ability with our best diverse, distinctive and creative team.

Lebanese industries are renowned for their heritage products with high taste and unique aesthetics. This gave the Lebanese producer the passion, people passion in it and the love of acquiring and keeping it because of its delicate and ingenious craft and a special high aesthetic taste, durability and quality from all over the world, especially from the Arab countries, although the industrial revolution did not affect the strong or effective form in Lebanon. This is due to many reasons, including the lack of natural resources in Lebanon, particularly energy resources, which have made their topography difficult, but they have been able to describe it as proportionate in entering some industries, especially furniture and wood industries which are considered one of the old industries in Lebanon and its heritage in this industrial field is a huge and rich heritage and reflects mainly on the quality and aesthetics of Lebanese wood products and their special and distinguished taste due to the accuracy of the Lebanese worker in this field and his skill in adapting wood as raw material in his craft.

The effect of color on the abstract wooden formations as an entry point for contemporary structural styles: our vision at kea designs, is a process of artistic forms with the aim of getting them out of their visual reality necessarily needs some technical methods and techniques developed to act as a mediator to get new forms in a different way to reality, and provide us with modern technology under the concept of experimental thought many tools and materials and techniques atypical technical methods that play the role of enriching aspects of vision and expression together, thus contemporary graphic designer has to look for what is behind the external appearance of things in order to build and form new illustrations and compositions based on his own experiences and objective vision and creative perceptions, and experimental thought includes creativity in terms of attention to observation and recording of those observations that entail a thought that changes the meaning of familiar forms or traditional meanings of design.

The possibility of the Majorelle blue element forming on the composition of the abstract wooden stereoscopic in a contemporary structural style, here is an attempt to formulate industrial colors through paints and dyes varied in a coherent manner and compatible with the color of natural wood within the art solution itself in a homogeneous and compatible form reflecting an unconventional formative vision of the possibility of breaking the familiar boundaries to present the woodwork in methods characterized by originality and contemporary creative vision.

Color is an essential element within the fine artwork, including the basic colors, secondary colors, derivative color, neutral colors, and formulated colors in various styles and forms within the construction some use color integration, thus decades ago, Majorelle has chosen the mixing red, green and blue famous Majorelle masterpiece color in the middle of red city of Morocco.

Indeed, our painting department use latest scientific technologies for color mixing to ensure customers’ expectations following trendy styles all over the world. Success starts with first achievement but routine break success and limit the productivity of each craft, kea design company Dubai, UAE, according to statistics has proven quality, sincerity and creativity also in our factory, huge, totally new and delicate machines installed for accuracy and softness avoiding any maintenance delay, or waste of time.

Each type of paint has a medium and base and auxiliary materials has a specific chemical composition and for each paint a special style and steps for the stages of painting wooden surfaces is the way to equip the wooden surfaces and its past and serve and lining and establishing and then painted or sprayed with the required sprays according to the desired result, then leaves a certain time to dry paint to refine and polish the faces, and differ steps and duration of processing different type of paint and its chemical composition The methods of serving wooden surfaces vary depending on the quality of the paints, whether they are transparent, semi-transparent, shiny or semi-shiny.

Natural wood as diverse as oak, sycamore ,beech ,sherry ,American, Indian or Turkish walnuts, tectonic, mahogany, palisander,, kea specialists categorized them and divided them into groups with recommendations that determine the efficiency, quality and result of each color individually through the practical experimentation of the opacity, and after the completion of the scientific and experimental framework of the opacity then started the implementation with natural wood ores and made technical treatments by deleting, adding, interlocking, unloading and drilling for the surfaces of various stereoscopic, and how to see them in different innovative images within the structures formulated with a contemporary vision to find the relationship between mass, space and color through serious studies of the art of the old world in its various styles, as well as schools of modern art that were interested in rapid developments free from the constraints of the past through the use of scientific studies and engineering and psychological and social analyses and influence by the technology of industry and the rhythm of the rapid era  that’s way you will be up to date in each detail.

The resurgence of the famous Majorelle blue, your bedroom is dark blue, it’s best to choose a white floor parquet with light bed furnishings so you can create a kind of color compatibility in the room. A pastel blue wall with the right colors with blue, if you have a blue wall, you can choose a pastel-colored trip with some green planting on the side of the room.

If you have a light blue wall in your apartment, you can choose a dark blue entrance and a patterned floor carpet to add a special blue touch to the place.

If you feel blue color in your bedroom causes you some narrow space you can use large circular mirrors at the top of your bed that gives you a sense of spacious space, as well as a wooden bedside chair, you can also use light blue in many of your room walls with some fine art drawings on the wall that will give you a romantic touch of the place. you can change the shape of your living room completely by using blue, opting for dark blue color for the doors and glass windows in the room, as well as a beige entrance with a blue-patterned floor carpet.

Because of the Corona crisis, we learned to stay at home valuable outdoors! For this reason, earthy colors have now captured the interiors and the colors of the walls, such as green paint colors, to neutral sand colors and clay. When you apply these colors, look for brown colors and apply them in your space, and play in different colors of green and blue and combine them with more interconnected colors such as neutral, brown and white if you don’t want to use Majorelle blue.

Majorelle blue for a tranquil coastal atmosphere, there is nothing better than blue or, more correctly, any shade of blue. This color is characterized by a refreshing breath of fresh air inward. In addition, there are many colors that are in line with blue. It’s like a clear blue sky or running water, and it encourages us to think about happy days and holidays and promise peace and comfort.

If painting your entire room in one color isn’t your favorite thing, consider painting the ceiling in this color just for a more than different and distinctive effect. Nature and its colors, which bring calm and tranquility to eyes, dominate the colors of this year’s paints, which combine warmth, softness and vitality and are characterized by the fact that they are very practical as well as suitable for the difficult and crowded atmosphere that we live in our daily lives and we need with them to feel comfortable and stable when returning to the house whose decorations and colors reflect greatly on the psychology of its owners, which was taken into account by the houses of international paints.

On the other hand, who want to get rid of the usual creamy grey and white shades, pastel colors create a luxurious atmosphere at home, think of the saturated pink and yellow together that will surely fill your home with cheerful energy. A striking coating like this must get feedback from visitors, so you can even choose light pastel colors that fit into the current design and room furniture, even if the room has more neutral furniture. So far, Black paint has enjoyed the best reputation for painting walls in homes, but it is found in restaurants and gyms more. when it comes to interior decorations, it wasn’t an easy color to impress people. All until a few years ago, when people developed from their homes, experimenting and painting walls in new colors became a huge trend. From painted distinctive walls and bedrooms to entire living rooms.

For beautiful chic and varied walls reflect the latest trends of colors in paints that brides and those who want to learn about the colors of modern wall paints and choose from them in line with their personal tastes and what suits the space of the rooms to be painted and the quality of the furniture included, whether modern, classic or pastel to give the decorations of their apartments and their villas luxury and ascend increases the elegance of their contents of furniture.

Light apricot or pastel apricot color as it is known in the world of paint colors and is soft and gives the room a perfect natural atmosphere especially with furnishings and furniture in green and blue and its presence with wooden floors is a unique view.

The light wooden color reflects the warm wooden shade of ancient places and satisfies the tendencies of lovers of originality, excellence and lovers of neutral colors.

The creamy yellow color radiates vitality and activity and is even more impressive with green shades as it is considered one of the colors of paint suitable for the interior rooms.

Mint is considered one of the latest paint colors as it is the best and most effective option in small spaces and is a great pair with white that gives its users a sense of comfort and calmness.

The green comes from nature’s vibrant womb and its splendor and beauty are reflected in wooden floors, copper decorations and brown furniture.

Blue casts its elegance and softness, making it the best choice for those looking for a quieter space, a more luxurious look especially with some touches of white.

It belongs to the pink hues, which has an attractive modern look and makes the place full of confidence and romance and fits the bedrooms and living and increases its aesthetic elegance and is considered one of the colors of paints that add some golden touches with it.

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