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Modern Bedroom Interior Design Ideas For 2022

Modern Bedroom Interior Design Ideas For 2022 Modern styles of the bedroom are truly diverse. It's high-tech with light colors, minimalist hermits with clear lines, new art and modernism with intricate smooth forms, and more. The modern bedroom interior design ideas for 2022 can be decorated in modern classics. You can often find a mixture of these styles. The main thing is that they are all united - an incredible feeling of comfort with minimal furniture and the use of modern interior elements.

Kea Design features of a modern bedroom 2022

To decorate the walls in the interior design of a modern bedroom, the best option would be wallpaper of soft tones. Some monotony can be diluted with some bright accessories. An excellent difference in the contrasting accents of the room of wooden texture, which brings the atmosphere of modern design comfort. If the room has low ceilings, kea design advise painting the ceiling and walls in a modern bedroom with one color, thereby removing the border between them.

Particular attention when designing a modern bedroom 2022 should be turned on the bed. It will be better if it is a bed without unnecessary elements, with a simple headboard. The original variant will be visible, in which the part of the wall behind the headboard is decorated with different types of wallpaper with a complex pattern. Often the bed is located on low legs or without them. It should be preferred light colors in the upholstery of the bed, which will emphasize the convenience of the overall design of the bedroom. Bedside tables do not fit into the modern design of the bedroom. Therefore, choosing bedroom furniture in a modern style, instead of bedside tables, you can choose a bed with laconic shelves, which is a continuation of the headboard.

In a modern bedroom 2022 there is no place for objects that do not carry functional loads. Therefore, bed linen can be stored in the drawers of the plan under the bed. To store things, install in the bedroom a built-in wardrobe with shiny doors or a mirror. In addition, this closet is well suited for creating a modern design of a small bedroom due to the fact that it visually increases the space.

Much attention in modern interior bedrooms design is paid to the correct lighting of the room. It can be several ceiling lamps, which are equipped with bedside lamps or floor lamps. If you want to install a mirror in a beautiful modern bedroom, it is better to use a simple mirror with a backlight, and not a large dressing table.

The design of the window also corresponds to the general style. Thick, dense curtains for the bedroom must be replaced with modern roller blinds or Roman curtains.

The Modern Interior of the Bedroom: Interesting design Ideas for 2022, Bedroom Furniture, Bedroom for Girls

the modern interior of the bedroom is compact and carefully thought through. After the placement of important furniture and accessories is enough space even in a small room. To find out how to arrange a bedroom, Kea Design describe in this article:

Modern Bedroom Interior

Bedroom ideas for 2022, include most popular simple styles: modern, high-tech, oriental, minimalism, preferable for young and energetic children. All these areas are distinguished by clear lines, different, sometimes expressive color schemes are created by color contrast.

Older homeowners choose calm and comfortable interiors. Such an atmosphere can create a modern and Scandinavian style. People opt creative and wasteful for loft, art deco.


The first step is to determine the color of the packaging materials and furniture. If your cubicle is not so spacious, embody more of a bright inner bedroom: dark wallpaper, flooring, furniture. In this case, add a small light accent.

In most cases, for interior design of the bedroom selected colors such as light green, light blue, yellow, mint, olive, cream, peach, etc. These colors can be revived more saturated tones, but it is important that this supplement has little because the excess of bright colors negatively affects your comfort.


In addition to the selected background color of the contemporary bedroom orientation can be emphasized using simple solutions:

Bedroom furniture in modern interiors is often made of wood, metal, glass, plastic, etc.

Choosing a lamp for the room. spacious bedroom lamps can make a variety of levels: table lamps, ceiling fixtures, walls and embedded lamps - lamps will fit perfectly in modern design. If the room is small, it is possible to limit the ceiling chandelier and lamps on the bedside tables.

Bedroom furniture in a modern style is better to choose a simple shape, glossy (mirror) walls and large furniture for the bedroom modern interior solution, in some regions of the room to emphasize accents, make decorative materials on wall panels to very textured or decorate room materials that imitate wood, stone, leather and other natural materials.

Despite the fact that household appliances are well with modern interiors, to place them in the room is not desirable or necessary to do it in minimal quantities. The main objective of the design of the bedroom - maintaining comfort, so it is necessary to avoid the possibility of extraneous noise.


If you are attracted by the modern interior of the bedroom, you will appreciate the high-tech style. The main feature - the use of regulated facilities of new technologies. Therefore, when creating this design use modular multifunctional furniture or the most unusual shape.

The walls in this chamber are better to remove the live wallpaper or lightly painted colors: pale blue, gray, light water yellow, sand, etc. They can be combined with white or pale yellow. If you think that the walls are too boring, add them with two or three small paintings with abstract images.

The bedroom in high-tech style for using chandeliers and niche lamps, made of glass and metal. Furniture can be an addition to decorating color highlights.


This is perhaps the simplest - in terms of the implementation of the interior design for 2022. It can be made in a small room, highlighting the main advantages of the room. modern interior of the bedroom - minimalism and modernity are to use only the most necessary things of furniture: the bed and the side of the bed. The bedroom, decorated in a minimalist style is characterized by a lack of wardrobes - released outside the room.

If the bedroom is enough space - Creates an interesting design and a spacious wardrobe. Note corner models: several sections and shelves for them, you can choose yourself.

modern bedroom interior ideas for 2022

The style of minimalism is characterized by neutral colors of finishing materials and accessories. Wall is a paste usually portable wallpaper or beige paint colored, white, brown or gray. One of the walls can make an accent, already removed in bright colors: often decorated with bedside zones.


It's more luxurious and bold style. In contrast to minimalism, such interiors can be diluted with bright accents: yellow, green, blue, clay and brown. The walls decorate the walls with geometric patterns, abstract patterns, elements of factory subjects.

Windows can be managed in neat classic curtains of tulle or organza, and curtains made of heavy silk.


It allows you to create a beautiful bedroom. In the modern neo-classical style space, it signifies easy in form, but more of a massive piece of furniture. Inside this booth a lot of textiles and very soft lighting.

If your bedroom is not too big, it is recommended not to pull all the wall wallpaper shades. In this case, it is better to paste the canvas top with a single decoration, a maximum of two walls. The rest make monophonic. The color of the walls can be light and hot and cool. The most ordinary colors - cherry, water yellow, brown, olive, blue.


Cabinet fields, headboards, bedside tables in the classic contemporary interior should be decorated with carvings, furniture in these rooms has leather or textile fabric upholstery. The main things of furniture can be made of light or dark wood.


ready-made design of modern classic bedrooms, textile options. Choose original satin or silk cushions on the windows hang long curtains and direct dark curtains. Spacious room with high ceilings, you can use pelmets.

It is no secret that all parents want their child and the room to be not only comfortable, but also modern. Below kea design describe how the room may look like a little princess.


A bedroom for girls is significantly different from a nursery for boys as a girl from a young age is more demanding to detail: they like small compositions, accessories, bright colors and beautiful ornaments. Therefore, to the teenager your little one will delight the bow, heart, plush toys, ruffles, flowers, etc.

Beautiful interior of a bedroom in a modern style

Color spectrum

Many parents, when they find out that they have a girl, the baby plans exclusively in pink. It is believed that this color symbolizes tenderness, warmth, love and innocence. However, not everyone knows that this color is tiring for some children: a very interesting bedroom for the girl, whose walls are painted with peaches or apricots, purple or beige, light green or sand shades.


Modern room for girls to be divided into functional parts. The child bedroom must necessarily be a place to relax, work and play. the bed is located in the first zone. the type that depends on the age and preferences of the girls.

But the main criterion: “Ease” the sofa is more suitable for a small cubicle, where not enough space at night time is needed to put down the sofa.

From the point of view of the doctor, the most useful is the same bed with an orthopedic mattress. For a small space should consider the option of installing a loft bed. In its upper part there is a bed, the working area of which is located below. For babies under three years old must buy a baby bed with a bumper.

Do not forget that girls are very fond of various small parts, so it is desirable to install a canopy over the bed. In addition, the girl's room should be with a lot of small pillows on the bed, soft toys. Adhesive walls in the form of hearts or flowers perfectly complement the interior design.

bedroom furniture in a modern interior

It is necessary to carefully choose place to play. It may be small, but comfortable and soft carpet next to the bed or in the center of the room. Try not to combine the play area with work, as the children will be distracted during classes. When buying furniture for a girls' space, trying to choose such a model to unnecessary things can be easily hidden in a chest of drawers or a wardrobe, this will accustom the baby to neatness and make the room look more aesthetically pleasing.


the modern interior of the bedroom has many features, but most of them - the possibility of implementing in the ideas of the same room related to several areas. Kea Design will help you to experiment, let your imagination run wild, and follow latest trends and ideas for 2022.

Kea design offer a number of simple solutions to make bedroom an ideal place to rest at night and be a functional part of an elegant modern apartment.

Bedroom styles with Kea Design

There are many interior styles, but not all are able to improve the quality of the room, the main styles of this place are as follows:

Classic; It combines timeless style, fondness for expensive materials and love with symmetrical shapes.

High technology; Inside the room there are new appliances, numerous glass and chromes. The design is expensive, it requires a constant update of electronic devices to the most modern models.

Country; The course is a style of comfort, natural tones and abundant interior elements. The country style uses natural materials.

Modern style; Minimalism, functionality, correct forms - that's what we can say about it.

Pop Art; A striking style, with the aim of underlining the uniqueness of the owners and turning everyday things into a decorative element.

Color palette

Choosing the color for any room is a very important decision. For a small room of 12 square meters, it can become totally lethal. Above fashion trends, you should put your tastes: the room is a personal space that rarely visited by foreigners. After choosing your favorite as the main color, you should choose a combination for it. But, nevertheless, vivid colors should give up. This room is designed to relax and unwind with screaming walls will not work very well.

The appropriate color scheme can be as follows:

the theme of the blue sea, the delicate turquoise; the combination of black and white; green colors;

magenta and violet gray tones; yellow.


The decoration of the room begins with the ceiling. Recently, the ceiling of the room was equalized and painted white. The ceilings are known and we clean them easily. Decorating the ceiling, in this case, is easy with your hands. But the idea of designing the rooms can come from many sources and not only to the simple stain The modern solution would be to use the roof structure in suspension. Kea design offer the widest color option for all tastes. The high ceilings will allow the use of different levels, since they will combine the part of the colors and the lighting.

As a ceiling finish, wallpapers, polystyrene boards, finishing with plastic panels or plaster sheets can be used with plaster finish.


In most apartments the walls are covered with papers. It is a good choice for a room of 12 square meters: a wide variety of colors and textures will allow you to choose wallpaper in any style and create the effect you want. You have to give priority to a small drawing - visually "zoom out" the walls of the room and open the space. Great details already reduce space.


Considering the particularities of the room, almost any floor covering will look good in the bedroom. The option limits the tenant's imagination and desired finish. The only thing that is not used in the room are the tokens. Here it is absolutely useless.

The floor of the room can be as follows:

Parquet; The first place of fame is occupied with honor for respect for the environment, maintenance and appearance.

Cork cover; Coverage is getting cheaper. It combines all the advantages of parquets and carpet, with heat characteristics and sound insulation.

Vinyl; Unequivocal material with easy care.

Laminated; Perfectly imitates the expensive wooden floor, pro necessary for the bedroom

The floors of the room are covered with carpets. It is worth choosing the material finish. As for the coverage model, it is best to gain a space of 12 square meters. Meters can be a diagonal model.

Interior elements of the room

The design of the small rooms should not be overloaded with details. Do not forget that its main function is the leisure space. Before analyzing the design possibilities of the rooms, you must define their main elements.

Double bed. Main detail of the room, main element that builds the entire composition of the room.

Cupboard. The clothing is very comfortable. But not all houses have room for it. In this case, it would be convenient to place a closet in the bedroom to store clothes.