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Most Interior Desing Problems And How To Fix Them.

Successful interior design companies in the UAE hire top talented designers whose mission is: creativity, productivity, and prosperity, not focusing on financial benefits and profits otherwise catastrophic failure. 

Hiring an interior design expert means that the construction process can be much easier. Planning and building a home or business project is a challenge, but KEA interior design company with decades of experience in home designing, home decoration, lights, space, furniture, gardens, villas decoration…all what precede and more can be achieved while giving the best results at affordable costs. 

When imagining possibilities and ideas for a new property, it can be difficult to envision what the final product will look like as the design drawings are already made, allowing the user to see exactly what the space will look like. Having a professional architect produce designs like these, drawn to scale, helps ideas come to life and highlights all the implications such as adjoining walls and planning problems. 

More interesting and creative spaces can be realized with interior design that work with the natural elements surrounding the property while considering budgets and building codes. All errors related to poor planning and lack of experience are eliminated, as these designs have been properly planned in advance with a lot of detail. The plans come with a clear vision in mind for the client and have very accurate and detailed drawings that can significantly reduce design errors. 

At kea design Dubai, fit-outs quality control eliminates any potential default, tags for effective and accurate property plans, models have been made in different styles to suit unique tastes and to enjoy stunning property architecture. 

Why work with KEA interior design company? 

Do you have a renovation project? Where to start? What are the first steps for home renovation ideas? 

A renovation project, both commercial and residential, is a large-scale project, it takes time, knowledge, and work... a lot of work. And for many people, working with an interior designer is unthinkable; too expensive, too complicated, etc. It's a wrong idea, because in most fields, people call on experts to get the job done right, but mostly because they don't have the necessary knowledge of graphic design power and ability. you spend a lot of time at home, now more in the common areas: kitchen, dining room, family room, it’s important that these spaces look like you, suit you, and are tailored to your lifestyle. 

How can these spaces be adapted? Book free consultation from the best interior decorator Dubai, the job of our designers lies a lot in understanding the components and space, not just choosing beautiful furniture! The job of an interior designer is to study, understand the space and adapt it to your needs. However, being accompanied and guided by an interior design professional saves time, money, and energy. It also comforts you about sticking to the budget and keeps you safe from unpleasant surprises. 

Advantages and disadvantages of open space: 

More and more companies are choosing open space to develop the workplace for their employees. This solution has several advantages, but also some negative points. What is open space? 

It is about bringing together offices in an open space without partitions, there are many companies that use this process in Dubai. If so, many companies opt for an open-plan layout of their offices, it is because they derive a significant economic advantage. In addition to the increased cohesion of their teams, it is the economic aspect that takes precedence. Indeed, who says open space, says disappearance of partitions. The offices are brought together in a large volume space, which reduces the area needed to accommodate the same number of employees. Result: a less large surface, which represents a significant decrease in charges in terms of rent. A considerable asset, especially in Dubai, uae where the price per square meter is high. 

Freed communication between employees 

When each worker is locked in their own office, it is not necessarily easy to communicate directly within a team. The great advantage of open space is therefore to free up communication within the company. All employees are in direct contact, whether from a visual or sound point of view. They can therefore exchange very easily, and this significantly increases the efficiency of teamwork. For the company, the benefit is manifested by increased responsiveness. In addition, open spaces are easily modular. If a peak of activity occurs or a project emerges, it is easy to gather a close-knit team in a small perimeter, here again, the efficiency of the open space is emulated. 

The main disadvantage of open space. 

However, not everything is perfect in the concept of open space. Indeed, this arrangement of offices can have some negative effects. On the one hand, employees are in constant contact with their supervisor, who is also present in that open space. For some professionals, this situation sometimes leads to the feeling of being constantly monitored, which can induce additional stress. On the other hand, open spaces turn out to be often noisy places. Between conversations, phone calls, and the noise generated by computer keyboards, cacophony can quickly set in, resulting in more fatigue over time. 

Who to call on to succeed in your open space development? 

Here you are convinced by the open space, a traditional office is no longer in tune with the times. It now remains to give substance to this development project. For this, two solutions are possible. 

The first is far from being the simplest and, contrary to what one might think, it is not necessarily the most economical. It's about designing the future open space yourself. To achieve this, it is necessary to be aware of several notions: 

It will be necessary to consider the needs of the teams in terms of technology and equipment. It is therefore important to take stock with employees. In addition, by involving them, the project will be even more accepted. 

Manage light sources: Even though most teams work in front of a screen, light is essential to work well. 

Work on acoustics and sound insulation. 

What could be more unpleasant than working in a soulless office? It is therefore as important as the rest, to personalize the space, to give a strong identity to this open space. 

The second possible option if this project seems difficult to manage is the use of a flexible office planner or an interior designer. They will be aware of all the essential points stated. They will also be able to find the right furniture, to offer a functional and pleasant workspace: KEA design, the best design company in Dubai, UAE will help you avoid touch-ups and create a harmonious interior. 

The most common interior design mistakes that can lead to disappointment for homeowners who relied on a completely different effect: 

Try to leave everything as it is: too expensive and time-consuming, just glue the wallpaper, touch up the floor and that's enough. And let the furniture stay where it was. This is exactly what many homeowners think, and it will. Why redevelop, demolish the walls, and build new partitions, they lived here before and nothing, quite familiar and even practical in some places! Meanwhile, competent planning allows even a small space to allocate several areas for recreation and guest reception, and during the redevelopment you can even turn a two-room apartment into a full-fledged three-room apartment. 

Our designers strongly advise paying special attention to the functionality and layout of the space, leaving beauty in the background. In fact, you'll still have time to repaint the wall, but it's unlikely to enlarge the tub at the expense of the hallway. So, start with the redevelopment, do not be afraid to radically change the location of the individual areas, and leave the choice of wallpaper and curtains for later. 

Too colorful or boring 

When choosing a color palette for a residential interior, inexperienced designers most often make one of the two main mistakes: either they strictly adhere to a hue, creating a boring and inexpressive design, or they get too excited about decorating the room with all the colors of the rainbow. Both options represent the wrong decision. 

If you have beige walls, a slightly darker floor, the same ceiling, and furniture all this will merge, and the room will simply be boring, vulgar. At the same time, the use of a bright red color, and even in combination with yellow or dark blue, will be too flashy and over time will begin to bother. 

Create a harmonious color palette, the combinations of which are particularly impressive and beautiful, so we will not repeat ourselves. Remember that even if red or green are your favorite colors, do not use them throughout the room. The middle ground is what you need to strive for when choosing shades for your interior according to kea design Majorelle blue or Marrakech blue trend. You can get effective ideas with a small competitive budget. 

Poor lighting 

Luminaires must perform their main function illuminating individual functional areas. It is better to place several projectors above the kitchen work area and a lamp with a lampshade above the table than to hang a single chandelier, admittedly beautiful and expensive. 

Recessed and hidden lamps and indirect lights have become one of the fashion trends today, when you just don't know where the light comes from. Designers are sure that, for example, a bedroom should have multiple light sources: near the bed to read before bed, near the closet and mirror. 

Too few misplaced sockets and switches 

This mistake does not yet concern the interior design as such, but its functionality. Today, each apartment has many household appliances, each of which will have to be connected to the network in one way or another. In this regard, professionals are convinced that only careful planning will allow you to provide the right number of connection sockets. 

Just go through the rooms and decide where the refrigerator will stand, the air conditioner will hang, the computer will take its place, there will be a lamppost and a washing machine. Only in the bathroom there should be at least two sockets: for the washing machine and in the mirror, to connect an electric shaver and a hairdryer. Plus, they need to be located exactly where you need to be. 

Too much furniture 

Most of the space in the room is traditionally occupied by cabinets. These massive structures can occupy half a room and will certainly not add beauty to the interior decoration. What about storage locations, you ask? Things need to be stored somewhere! Of course, but it is better to equip a dressing room, for example, on the site of the old pantry, than to put a wardrobe with mezzanines in each bedroom. You can also equip a spacious wardrobe along the wall of the bedroom or disguise the cabinets under the walls. 

Stick to the disposal of traditional furniture 

the new arrangement of interior furniture will pleasantly surprise you with its functionality and convenience, and the room will be completely different, summer sale or home décor online shopping uae include a wide variety of furniture as well as interior design magazine uae; simple approach from customer can change the whole home décor ideas. 

Make a mistake in the choice of style 

If we have already understood the functional side of the interior, it is worth paying attention to the style of decoration of the house. The choice of design style depends mainly on the wishes of the owners but should also be combined with the features of the house itself. 

For example, you visited a historic mansion or a friend who lives in a country house, and you were delighted with the interior, but an attempt to transfer all the ceremonial beauty of this historical style into an ordinary room will end in failure. 

If you decide to decorate a room in a certain style, you will have to "play by the rules" and strictly adhere to the principles of the chosen direction. Graphic designers can sometimes break rules depending on the user 's financial situation referring to top budget-friendly design ideas for your home. 

An attempt to adapt a random thing in the existing interior 

Many homeowners simply can't pass by a beautiful painting, a charming vase, However, it can be problematic to enter such objects by chance, depending on the mood, into the already existing interior of the room, you can integrate retro things into a modern interior in a harmonious way if you follow the simple rules. 

Interior too delicate or too brutal 

The struggle between masculine and feminine principles inside can lead to the fact that the design ultimately turns out to be either sweet, or deliberately strict and too cold, choosing the happy medium design. 

Try to save money. 

This can really become critical. Of course, there is a "reasonable economy", so no one bothers you to choose the most advantageous offer. 

The interior must not only be beautiful, but also durable. It will be very unpleasant if cracks appear on your wall after a few months, the bathroom faucet begins to leak, and the joints between the parquet boards scatter. So don't skimp on professional services, it's better to do it once and for centuries than to solve problems later. 

Almost everyone, once the repair is complete, has the feeling that something is wrong, but here it would be necessary in a different way, don't be afraid to take risks, listen to our advice, think back to every step of the change, and believe it or not, you have everything it will turn out! 

Interior design mistakes are common among homeowners who do not know how to design their own homes. It can become very frustrating when there's something in your space that you feel doesn't blend in with the rest of the house but that you can't identify. Nevertheless, Interior design experts therefore always recommend homeowners to follow the theory of "floating furniture". Pulling some furniture away from the wall while pushing others along the walls will make your space look more refreshing and will spread a relaxed and more welcoming atmosphere. Did you buy from home decor online shopping in UAE a new piece of furniture and when you put it what the rest of the room furniture felt contradictory? 

Home decoration ideas at kea design company remain the best solution to harmonize the space status in a well relaxing moderately view. 

Briefly, interior design problems have three dimensions: a need, an environment, and a form in which the existence of the problem arises from the absence or change of one of these elements and the solution to the problem lies in changing one of these elements. Architectural drawings are not the solution, but rather reflect a balance between these elements combined. And the success or failure of the design is in the face of these three elements. 

The dimension of the design problem is the need as it includes the following variables: spatial requirements, relationships between elements, priorities, processes, objectives, maintenance, accessibility, equipment, environment. 

Kea design company confirms to its valued customers its integrated ability to complete all the required projects at the lowest cost, the latest designs, implementation speed, and quality.