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Murphy Bed Modern Home Improvement, Trends and Lifestyle - Damac Hills 1

Murphy Bed: Modern Home Improvement, Trends and Lifestyle “connected with Damac Hills 1 project”

Kea Design unveil a trend and lifestyle modern home improvement at Damac hills 1 project: “Murphy Bed” which is back and become revolutionary nowadays, suitable for small studios, mini-spaces and limited budgets.

Murphy Bed is a wall-centered, transforming the living space in the daytime into a Bedroom at night. Murphy Beds are comfortable space-saving furniture concepts that are witnessing a new emergence among the inhabitants of urban apartments today and the reduction of the homeowners.

Murphy Beds are sold by many furniture manufacturers and are commonly called wall Bed. The basic version includes devices with two focal points, pulling the legs, to use the devices, you can make a wooden box for the mattress as well as a large wooden cabinet for mounting and hiding the Bed. Sets of devices are surprisingly expensive, then you should also purchase other materials and labor, but in comparison with the cost of a manufactured Murphy Bed, this can be attractive for a replacement especially with Kea Design best interior design company in Dubai.

How to apply modern trends and lifestyle in decoration?

Modern trends and lifestyle of decoration envisages that each item will be used in a way that is suitable for its intended use and does not take up much space. If you like to create a stylish look of the modern home improvement without drowning it with too many details, your style is modern. Although the modern home decoration has different styles such as Medieval, Modern, and Contemporary, the idea at the core of the work is the same.

Let's explain Kea Design features that will define the modern home improvement and decoration style to you. Simplicity, simple decoration, matte and metallic color shades, geometric forms and the magnificent composition created. These features, which distinguish the modern style from other styles of decoration, are the ones that are effective in creating stylish and useful living spaces: In modern style decoration, it is possible to see the effects of Minimalism.

According to the latest Modern trends and lifestyle followed by Kea Design, simplicity brings with it a stylish appearance, the sophistic look brought by the simple décor created with accurate and striking pieces is in modern style.

It's time to talk about the colors that modern decorating style loves. Favorite colors of modern decoration; Although there are shades such as white, gray, black and chrome, the modern decoration style also likes to benefit from the energy of a vibrant color. In modern home improvement trends and lifestyle, it is important to use colors within a certain composition. The use of contrasting colors together or monochrome color designs are also among the decoration ideas applied in modern style.

Geometric forms are figures that stand out in the style of modern decoration, Kea Design propose that from the furniture you use to your smallest accessories, you should make use of geometric shapes. In the upholstery of your house in the modern style, you should also use geometric patterns, zigzags and striped designs frequently.

When choosing accessories that will beautify your home for modern trends decoration, you can get support from frameless mirrors and oversized tables. In the large paintings you will use, drawings inspired by art movements such as Cubism to create harmony with the sharp texture of modern home improvement. The mirror is an accessory that finds its place in different designs in every decoration lifestyle. In modern decomposition, mirrors shaped by geometric designs look quite stylish.

If you are curious about the effect of mirrors on decoration, Lighting is one of the pieces that reflect the character of your modern home improvement style. The types of lighting that reflect the character of the modern decoration style are also floor lamps and pendant chandeliers in general. Vibrant colors also have a place in modern style. Here, lighting is the good option in this regard. The color of the chandelier or lamp you will use will create energy that will adapt to the color scheme of the environment. You can benefit from this for the effect of lighting on decoration lifestyle.

How Should Living Room Decoration Be According to Modern trends and lifestyle?

You should decorate in accordance with the general rule for your modern style living room decoration. Let's remember the general rule of Kea Design: "Few decisions, most harm". Within this rule, remove every detail that you do not have a job for your salon. Let's start with the seats that should be for each hall. The sofa sets you choose according to the modern home improvement style should be in a low and wide design. You can include gray and its shades as a color, neutral tones and matte but noticeable colors such as petroleum blue. What you need to pay attention to here is that the dark color you choose is spread over as little area as possible. That is, to use it in such a way that it has the lowest ratio in the color composition in your living room.

If you have space to use a middle table for your living room decorated according to modern decoration and home improvement, take advantage of coffee tables in geometric forms. If the middle table narrows your space, you can also include coffee tables that are geometric designed. If your living room, dining, and seating area are together, do not move away from geometric forms in the dining area.

Kea Design advise their valuable customers to choose lighting according to the modern style, they should turn to floor lamps and pendant chandeliers more than other types of lighting. If the dining and sitting section are together in your living room, a floor lamp in your living area and a pendant chandelier in your dining area look quite nice, for extra details you can refer to Kea Design blog “Importance of lighting in interior design”.

When choosing a curtain for your modern style living room, you should choose the curtain that will create a simple and stylish look that will be identified with your environment. In this sense for modern style, Japanese curtains and vertical background curtains are good options. You can use the curtains you choose in patterns that the modern style likes, such as solid color or zigzag. You can find detailed information about curtains in our blog: “what to look for when choosing curtains for different rooms”.

How should kitchen decoration be according to modern trends and lifestyle?

When decorating your kitchen in a modern style, Kea Design advise to arrange it in a way that creates as much usage space as possible. Acrylic kitchen cabinets, which create an aesthetic appearance for modern kitchens, combine with the colors that modern style loves, and everything becomes even more beautiful. So, what colors does modern style love in kitchens? Shades of gray, white, black fused with wood are the main colors that modern style loves.

How Should Bathroom Decoration Be According to Modern trends and lifestyle?

Take advantage of bright tiles for a modern bathroom look. Bright tiles make walls and floors look eye-catching. If you want to feel the modern style in your bathroom on every square meter, make sure that the tiles you use are in gray tones. If you have made a gray bathroom decoration, you will create a perfect contrast if you choose the bathroom cabinet you will use in wooden tones. You can benefit from spot led lighting in the lighting types you choose for your modern bathroom. In this way, you ensure that the sections you want are highlighted and an interesting look is created in the environment.

How Should Bedroom Decoration Be According to Modern trends and lifestyle?

    ⋟ Short Spaces Home Improvement Best Ideas:

Murphy Bed projects in every budget:

Small space with furniture should not be spent on Fortune, a new Murphy Bed can cost a lot. The thing is, we think that the biggest way of your square sheet shouldn't have a huge price tag. That’s why Kea Design created a list of many” Murphy Bed” projects that will not apply to your bank account. For more space in your apartment or studio, the Murphy Bed is the best improvement solution. Deciding on such model can however be very difficult, the choice being the most numerous. Knowing more about the different types of Murphy Beds, however, will help you make a good choice.

11 Types of Murphy Beds: Kea Design practical choices to save space: To save space in a small apartment or in a not very large room, think about the Murphy Bed. Several types of Beds exist to find the solution to equip your home without loosing space. Kea Design selection of Murphy Beds ideas as follow:

1) The sofa Murphy Bed

Timeless in time, the sofa Bed is certainly the most used in accommodation for an adult extra Bed. The sofa Bed has a real mattress independent of the seat cushions of the sofa for optimal comfort. It gives a more chic decoration in a living room or in an office, this type of Murphy Bed offers a double function, that of sofa of relaxation during the day and sleeping during the night. Again, you will have to choose between different models, including the comfortable sofa Bed. Whichever you choose though, the Murphy Bed is ideal for small areas.

2) The convertible sofa Murphy Bed

Also timeless, the convertible bench that has no armrests and whose sofa seat consists of the mattress. with a clip-clop bench, different mechanism for opening: the clip-clop opens in length in two stages (hence its name)

3) The drawer Murphy Bed

Does your child often invite his friends to sleep? Invest in a drawer Bed with Kea Design. You will have the choice between acquiring a drawer Bed that you will easily slip under your child's current Bed (taking care to take the dimensions before manufacturing) or change the Bed by a full trundle Bed as soon as your cherub no longer wants his bar Bed.

4) The stackable Murphy Bed

The stackable Beds have a sleeping surface identical to a classic 1-person Bed (which is not the case of the slightly smaller drawer Bed). This is due to the fact that both Beds are really stacked and not recessed. Depending on the single Bed, the Bed will be raised and you will save space in the room

5) Retractable bunk Murphy Bed

If your children want to sleep in the same room but it is too small to accommodate two Beds, we recommend lifting bunk Beds. They offer two Beds like classic bunk Beds but during the day they fold down in their furniture to leave room in the room. This solution is ideal if the room serves as a Bedroom and game room.

6) Folding Murphy Bed with built-in sofa

During the day, the Murphy Bed with integrated sofa takes the form of a wardrobe adjoining a very chic comfortable sofa. In the evening, pull the cabinet handle towards you and your Bed will come to be placed above the sofa. The trunk of the wardrobe incorporates a shelf where you can place your alarm clock and other useful accessories for a good night's sleep without having to remove them when folding the Bed.

7) The wardrobe Murphy Bed

For rooms that serve as a Bedroom and office, for example, prefer the folding Bed with wardrobe. The wardrobe cabinet will have a part to accommodate the Bed during the day and next to it you will have room to store clothes or Bed sheets. No one will be able to suspect that a Bed is hidden in this elegant furnishing. It is a type of Murphy Bed that fits in a corner without requiring too much space. The wardrobe Bed, recessed or sliding, allows to have a Bed that remains discreet before being used at night. It can even have a storage space, which will come to take place during the day.

8) The wall Murphy Bed

Easily and quickly store your wall Bed by integrating it into its adapted cabinet that you will have previously fixed to the wall. During the day, the space taken by the whole is tiny and will leave you with the surface to install a table and give the impression of having a beautiful built-in closet. The installation of a wall Bed can also be recessed in the wall.

9) The ceiling Murphy Bed

For all rooms in need of surface, the ceiling Bed is a clever Kea Design the Bed is moved by a system of straps or cables that slides the sleeping part into grooves integrated into storage cabinets. During the day your Bed is under the ceiling to save space and in the evening your Bed will be brought back to the right height to lie down and without moving the sofa installed underneath. This ceiling Bed to also be electrically controlled if you wish.

With the wide variety of type and model of Murphy Bed offered on the current market, it is understandable not to be able to choose. By opting for a ceiling Bed however, whether manual or electric, you will be able to have more floor space. A small visit to Kea Design our specialists will allow you to perceive the best assets of this type of Bed.

10) The desk Murphy Bed

During the day, work on a stylish and spacious desk with a small shelf. When you want to sleep, simply open the desk Bed without ridding your work table or shelf. These two elements will serve as legs to your Bed hidden by a wooden panel and acting as a box spring. A perfect desk Bed for students.

11) The mezzanine Murphy Bed

If the height of your ceiling allows it, the mezzanine Bed turns out to be an excellent choice. A type of Murphy Bed presented on two levels, it has the sleeping space on the top and the bottom can be transformed into a desk or library corner as you would like.

In General, as per Kea Design experience in modern home improvement, Murphy Beds can be classified into two main categories, namely:

The traditional Murphy Bed: which folds into a piece of furniture. It is also called wardrobe Bed and may not have a headboard.

The sliding Murphy Bed: often presented in a single Bed, this type of Bed comes out of a piece of furniture in the image of a drawer. Is your room quite narrow? Remember to install a Murphy Bed. Folding, it offers a significant saving of space and facilitates the development of a Bedroom area

choosing your Murphy Bed, The Murphy Bed can be folded into a piece of furniture. the traditional Murphy Bed or wardrobe-Bed: folds inside a piece of furniture that is also its headboard.

the sliding Murphy Bed: usually offering a single sleeping place, it comes out of a piece of furniture like a drawer.

Each to save a maximum of space, these models of Murphy Bed adapt to your criteria in terms of practicality and comfort.

Murphy Bed: the advantages

The use of a Murphy Bed modern home improvement offers several advantages such as:

add a sleeping area in a small Bedroom;

have a Bed and a wardrobe in a single piece of furniture;

fold the Bed every morning without having to put it away.

Be aware that some Murphy Beds are without storage on the sides. Less expensive, they lack aesthetics (fold like a refrigerator)

Murphy Bed: the disadvantages

Despite its many advantages, the Murphy Bed has some disadvantages:

measuring a minimum of 1.90 m, it is intended for rooms with high ceilings.

imposing (once folded especially), it can weigh down an already small room.