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Perfect Bedroom Color Schemes Combination Ideas

What are the most fashionable color palettes for the bedroom in Dubai? How to choose the perfect color or color combinations to create a bedroom that is stylish, welcoming, cozy and with an intimate atmosphere? How to choose wall decoration and bedding? How to bring latest trends to your home décor? KEA DESIGN COMPANY DUBAI UAE will share with you some examples that will help you understand colors and answer all these questions.

As per our remarkable success across multipopulational uae and abroad, best design company in uae present to your kind disposal fit outs with many colors which were applicable and can make the bedroom a space dedicated to relaxation:

White: Color is frequently used in space, for its role in printing it with purity, transparency, and comfort. One of the advantages of color in the décor, especially when painting the walls with white paint, is the suggestion that the room is spacious, no matter how narrow. In addition, white harmonizes with all colors, but within the framework of bedroom decorations, our graphic designers invite to choose gray (or blue) gradients with white.

Off White: It creates the desired relaxation state in the space, as it harmonizes with most colors, especially brown (or green or blue) gradients. In this context, the interior designer advises to choose off white a color for curtains, furnishings, and textiles, in the bedroom.

Gray: The color helps to bring warmth and tranquility to the bedroom, along with other earthy colors. It is worth mentioning that painting the bedroom walls in gray, it is imperative to choose the furnishings calm in terms of colors.

Green: It is a cold color that symbolizes nature and is an assistant in providing serenity and tranquility in the bedroom.

Lavender color: It is a favorite in the bedroom and is a light and calm gradient of violet color. The color of lavender relaxes the eye, especially with its combination with ivory, light gray or white...

Blue “or very peri the intensive blue” Its gradients of indigo, cyan and turquoise are suitable for bedroom decorations, as they achieve psychological comfort, and contribute to keeping insomnia, stress, and sleep difficulties away from the room occupant.

When the designer has set his sights on preparing calm decorations for the bedroom, it does not mean that the latter will look monotonous, but rather the designer intends to complete the calm scene returning to the basics of décor and oversized furniture, with home accessories to break the boredom. In this context, our professionals call for attention to the following points:

Choose a piece of furniture loaded with more than one color or type of fabric, coordinating the said piece with other accessories in the bedroom, which include: an oversized painting (or a set of multi-size paintings) and floor cushions coated with covers prepared of multiple textures and colors, and integrated with beads (or crystal). Pillows are placed on the carpet, in the center of the room, opposite or next to the bed, or even near the window for the purpose of equipping a special area for reading or relaxing in the bedroom.

Pay attention to lighting that is the "key" to successful décor, because lighting makes any room more vibrant In the bedroom, modern lighting fixtures look luxurious: you can refer to our blog: importance of lighting in interior design

It is customary that the walls determine the general atmosphere of the room, so it is not required to paint in its entirety, in one color, but the wallpaper distinguishes the decorations of one of the walls.

The following furnishings characterize the contemporary bedroom:

The bed with a reinforced vertical panel for its look, as well as the role of the vertical in resting the lying down, especially while reading or using a smart board ... In addition, there's the low-toddler bed finally, with suede upholstered tires on its sides.

The bedspread is just as important as the latter according to today's trending fashion and is made of healthy cotton. Cabinets and tables, for their part, are known for their large carrying capacities.

Gray color is not always the color of boredom and monotony. In case you have a suitable décor and thanks to the right combinations with the other colors, your accommodation would look stylish, would become elegant, and would look very original.

Gray and cream color are perfect for a classic bedroom décor. They welcome warm accent colors such as purple, lilac, plum or lavender color.

The bedrooms decorated in gray and yellow are also very popular and it must be said that it is a beautiful combination of colors.

Gray can also be used with orange and brown, accentuated by silver touches in a modern bedroom.

As for the colors, the most natural are white, gray, and black. As for the interior design, it is gray, beige and all colors mixed with gray. Neutral colors are fresh, and they are perfect for the background of all types of furniture for the bedroom. These colors give the bedroom a touch of elegance and warmth, and therefore, they have become the most preferred colors in the bedroom.

You certainly expect it, black and white form the timeless duo ideal for a modern bedroom. You can limit yourself to these two colors or bring moderate touches of red, yellow, blue, or green for more charm.

If you're a fan of neutral color palettes, pair brown and beige. You will have a warm and sensual room in addition to being modern and relaxing.

The color gray, what does it symbolize?! it arises right in the middle between white and black. Most people associate it with something boring and ordinary. And yet, the gray color has a rather rich and deep symbolic meaning. The gray color emits certainty and stability, which is why it is the favorite color for home decoration. Apart from that, the gray color symbolizes intelligence, mature mind. Sometimes the gray color leaves the feeling of isolation, but in most cases, it emits calm and harmony.

Interior design specialists call gray "the new beige", because lately it has become one of the most current neutral colors for home decoration in Dubai uae. Gray gives a thousand possibilities of combinations with other colors. Its advantage is that it reduces the influence of bright colors. In this way, we arrive at the balance and harmony in the colorful palette of your home.

Depending on the desired effect, you can choose different combinations. The gray color goes very well in combination with brown and orange (combination that is ideal as a decor for the autumn months ...). If you are looking for a softer effect, between gray and pale pink as well as that of gray and pale blue in case you want to achieve a more dramatic and aristocratic effect, opt for the combination of gray and red. Bold combinations between grey and turquoise or between grey and cyclamen are very current. The combination of gray with graphite elements or with black and white motifs remains classic.

In most cases graphic designers uae choose gray as the main color used for coloring the walls, while the other colors are present and accentuated in the interior. The reason is that in this way the gray remains delicate and gives the feeling of calm and convenience, while opening a lot of possibilities for experiments in the interior. Still, you can do the opposite and opt for furniture in gray on a background of colorful walls. You could also introduce a novelty and use two different shades of gray to optically enlarge the housing. You can choose French gray (with shades in beige), greenish gray (with shades in green), cream shade, dark gray or light gray.

The gray color is distinguished in style, which is why it is the perfect choice for your home décor; combined with taste, grey turns into the ideal color for every part of your home “be it the kitchen, bathroom, living room or your children's room” Most often, however, it is used for the interior of the living room or office.

Before, gray was associated with the industrial style, but today it is a color that is also used for decoration in Scandinavian style. Also do we combine it with white and beige, with fluffy carpets or we introduce it in a minimalist décor. Grey is suitable for the modernist style when combined with brilliant colors, or neon accents. The gray color is also suitable for the aristocratic style when combined with beautiful sculptures or with impressive paintings.

In case you want a more modern décor, opt for the combination of gray with black and white photographs and with glass as part of the interior. The gray color gives you the opportunity to experiment either with floral patterns, with animal details or with graphic lines. it is very important for a gray décor that there is light in the accommodation, because the lack of light would make the place too dark and too severe. That’s why we recommend choosing gray for rooms with large windows or stronger lamps.

Pastel color palettes in a modern bedroom

As pastel colors have a soothing effect and create a tranquil atmosphere in any room where they are used, they are more than perfect in a bedroom. Contrary to what we think, they are not only related to the styles of yesteryear. So, you can easily have a modern and soothing bedroom decorated with pastel tones. Blue brings a freshy touch and you can choose from several shades depending on your tastes, and for sure the famous trend Majorelle Blue, very peri, and lapis lazuli gemstone, which took a big part of choices this year. Pastel blue can pair with sky blue and turquoise if you want, Pastel colors are warm and cold, and they are lightened with white. The popular pastel color palette includes lilac, lavender, pale yellow and green, pink, and light blue.

The shades of blue and green also go very well together. A modern room decorated with blue and pastel green can only be pleasant: Green is the color of nature; renewal and it is also an excellent color for the bedroom. Lavender and other shades of purple are very tender and can combine with pale shades of green and blue for the perfect bedroom.

In general, the advantage of pastel colors is that they combine very well with each other and offer you a lot of possibilities in terms of home decoration.

Another bedroom decoration ideas: colors and their language

The bedroom is the place where we want to rest and fall asleep, and therefore, the color palette should be warm and relaxed. That is why, the most favorite colors in this room are light and pleasant. These colors will make the bedroom the symbol of rest and relaxation.

Ochre tones such as sand yellow, beige and sage green create an atmosphere of warmth and privacy in the bedroom. These colors are perfectly suitable for natural wood and brown tones. These tones are associated with a concrete color, so opt for furniture of the same color to achieve a beautiful effect.

The English style brings comfort and warmth, especially in the bedrooms of the house, which is not without elegance and memorabilia from a bygone time. Bedrooms in the said style are distinguished by the floral pattern present in wallpaper, curtains, or bed linen.

Features of English country style

The colors of the English style tend to be calm, and are varied, and are not defined by neutral colors and pastel, knowing that the influences of the English style in contemporary bedrooms are limited to a few elements, such as: just cut flowers, linens, curtains or wall binding, the integration of flowers with architectural space is a feature of the said antique style, which elevates the importance of wooden furniture.

In general, the distinctive features of the English style are summarized by patterned wallpaper, sofas, chairs with armrests, slates, pillows, and patterned covers, knowing that in traditional country style furniture should not appear new, even if it is, but traces of time are present on the elements of décor, to indicate their use and happiness.

Some may think that printing the design of couples' bedrooms with a romantic character requires spending a lot of money on basics, such as walls, floors, or furniture, while a set of simple touches are enough to make these interiors dreamy, comfortable, and warm... In the following, a set of tips for printing bedroom décor in a romantic way.

Ideas that will make the bedroom look dreamy, the décor of one wall is distinguished by painting it with a dark colored paint, or the said surface dressing wallpaper, in harmony with the basics of the other room (walls and floors), as well as the contents of furniture and accessories. This would draw attention to the opposite wall in its design. This design is often carried out on the wall behind the bed.

Adding indoor plants to the bedroom is an easy way to bring space to life, as it is colored green, if the contents of the room are monochromatic.

Attract the color of lavender and characterize the bedroom of the couple. In this framework it is correct to combine several shades of color, light and dark, with bedding, curtains, frescoes, or pieces of furniture.

For antique style lovers in décor, earthy colors are the starting point of the design plan, as well as decoration with accessories and timeless pieces of décor, including a bed sofa, sconces, a chandelier, and paintings from the said era...

The modern bedroom now abandons many of its elements, wearing a relaxed suit, both in terms of sparkling colors and motifs derived from nature, noting that the decorations of the said interior space are closer to a heaven for relaxation. In this context, the design of the bedroom aims to make it comfortable in the first place, so that it makes it easier for the occupant of the space to fall asleep." "To achieve this, it is necessary to abandon previous trends focused on decorations and colors, which contradicts the concept of relaxation.

Focus on the headboard of the bed, as the said part of the furniture plays a central role in the room, knowing that the headboard may follow a style different from the decorations of the room or may even be colored in a different color, compared to other contents, it may be upholstered or made of wood, and take the form of an arch or any other shape, in addition to the rectangle. The choice of pillows of multiple materials, shapes, and colors, for the purpose of enriching the decorations of the room.

Finally, within a lot of combination ideas, kea design company Dubai, uae offer wide variety of models, trends, and the option of 3 D rendering to open for our customers a new world of imagination and creativity to avoid unwanted fit outs.