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The Use and Importance of Mirrors in Interior Design

Interior design is thinking for people and expressing it as the optimal form. In other words, it can be said that it is solving someone's problem: You may have noticed that mirrored furniture is starting to gain popularity again. With its recent revival, it has once again become prominent after its memorable popularity many years ago. Nowadays mirrored furniture is a symbol of charm and is used in small quantities. The style is very special and applies to almost everything, from coffee tables to nightstands and cabinets. These accent pieces are not only attractive, but also eye-catching in an abstract sense.

A mirror is actually a glass plate, the thin layer of glossy metal braid applied to the back of which makes it possible to reflect the space in front of it. This vulnerable layer is protected from surface damage by various water- and moisture-resistant coatings from the back side. Thread coatings can be of different shades of color. The most common is silver, which perfectly, color-accurately reflects the objects and space in front of it. In addition, brown, bronze, greenish and bluish-toned mirrors can be selected according to individual needs. However, they are only beneficial for creating decorative effects, so-called design mirrors.

In all cases, the supporting material of the filament layer is an undistorted glass plate of various thicknesses, which can be 3-, 4-, 5-, and 6-mm. thin ones are usually used as mirrors of smaller size and mostly framed. Mirrors with a thickness of 4-6 mm, on the other hand, can be used either on their own, without framing, or even in shape-cut form, they do not require separate framing. They can be attached to any flat surface using appropriate technology. It is recommended to choose their size, shape in accordance with the purpose and placement.

Kea Design uses mirrors in the latest trends each product according to the space and the desired goal here some examples:

  • Coffee table with mirror

If you want to introduce eye-catching details to the room, a coffee table is the perfect element to focus on due to its importance in interior design. As a result, a mirrored coffee table can serve as the center of the living room without trying. Its role is to stand out by blending and reflecting everything that surrounds it. There are no restrictions on style. Whether contemporary, rustic, eclectic or even traditional, mirrored coffee tables look gorgeous in almost any living room.

  • Kitchen Island

Often serves as a divider between the kitchen and the dining area, or between the lounge space and the bar. There is usually some amount of empty space around, but using a mirror that reflects everything around you can definitely increase the feeling of openness.

In a small, narrow, long kitchen, the space feels cramped, as if we were in a boat cabin. If we run a mirror along the entire wall surface on one side, we double the sense of space in the room, so we can achieve the effect of spaciousness.

  • Cabinets and Consoles

Cabinet and console tables are usually not the center of attention. Its role is reserved for other furniture. Still, that doesn't mean they can't look interesting, or that they can't stand out in an exquisite way. If the front and details are mirrored, it's actually quite easy. They are both furniture but mirrors. It is a mirror furniture.

  • Desks and vanities

Desks are not meant to stand out or be eye-catching. Also, unless you are in the office, you prefer to blend in, in addition to spaces such as the living room or bedroom. Considering all this, mirrored desks can be a very interesting choice. It will stand out, but not the desk itself, in a way that accentuates the décor and the furniture that surrounds it. Vanity is very similar in this sense. In fact, mirrored bedroom furniture is generally just as interesting.

  • Nightstand

Obviously, the bed is the largest and most important piece of furniture in the bedroom, but not necessarily that will be the focus. In fact, nightstands often play this role. A mirror nightstand is a great way to make your bedroom look chic and glamorous without disturbing the color palette.

  • Side Table

The role of the side table is not always clearly defined. Sometimes it is just there to complete the room, other times it is a surface for placing lamps and vases, and in certain cases it is actually used to hold things such as drinks, snacks, trays, laptops, etc. Side tables are a great opportunity to add color to a room or showcase other interesting elements. It is also small enough and not luxurious enough to be mirrored.

  • Chairs and stools

These things are often overlooked. They are definitely important, but they do not always stand out or impress in any way. It's tricky to focus on them, but it's equally easy to take advantage of their diversity. For these reasons, and for several other reasons, mirrored chairs can become decorative stars without overwhelming it.

The attitude to such an object as a mirror has always been far from clear. This is one of the most mystical objects of our life: according to old popular beliefs, a person and his reflection in the mirror are connected by a magical relationship. In ancient myths and legends, mirrors can be misleading and discover the truth, send a person on a journey through time, open the door to the other (parallel) world and send it back. Over time, the mystery of the mirror does not fade: in addition to its main function - to show the appearance of a person, mirrors serve as a decorative element in the design of the living room and are much more capable, albeit not quite magically.

Wall in the room can be decorated with mirrors in many ways. The most suitable method of arrangement for creating an accentuated, elegant interior is mirrors of the correct geometric shape, which are in frames in the style of the whole room:

    1. Gray header;

However, do not forget about some "cunning" mirrors. Incorrect location of the mirror wall in a small room does not increase, but reduces its volume. The panel, located in a narrow rectangular room at the head of the bed, is reflected on the opposite wall and forms a closed space. Tinted mirrors also do not create a feeling of spaciousness: The mirror wall can significantly increase the space in cases where the interior of the room is made in very bright colors, and a window or a wide door is visible in the mirror: Raspberry armchair by the window Floral pattern on the bed frame round tray on a stand white bed.

    2. Mirrored panels;

An art composition consisting of various mirror elements is called a mirror panel. To assemble such a composition, mirror tiles of various sizes and colors are used. In the classic version, these can be traditional floor-to-ceiling rectangles that expand the room in height and width: Wooden chairs around the dining table gray bench near the bed, in rooms with an individual design, it is appropriate to combine mirror panels with other decorative details. For example, the mirror surface can be decorated with horizontally located wooden panels or slats.

    3. Cross wooden slats on the mirror wall;

At the vintage interior, where there are several antique decorative elements, it is appropriate to use a mirror panel assembled from plates in the old frame. Thus, you will create the desired style in the interior of the room and combine vintage decorations.

    4. Tree header;

For Victorian-style interior You can choose an extraordinary way of decorating mirror panels with elegant patterns. You can issue an interior door in the same style, chandelier with candles in the bathroom.

    5. Polished mirror tile

One of the most common methods of using mirror panels is the use of versatile mirrors. Grinding - a method of decorative finishing of the edges of mirrors or glass, as a result of which an inclined side is formed. Tiles with a façade create a unique, exclusive interior of the room. Such panels are often used in bathrooms, because the mirror tiles are resistant to moisture, chemical influences and pollution. When choosing a composition, it is necessary to take into account the fact that very thorough care of the mirror surface is required in order to maintain it.

In combination with ceramic or marble wall decoration, mirror panels with masonry tiles create a unique interior, visually expanding the space and filling the room with light.

Use and importance of mirrors making your home look bigger: decoration, space increase, functionality

Mirrors reshape, invigorate the space and create a gorgeous effect. Mirrors are a reliable addition to bathrooms, bedrooms, and fireplaces... but in fact, our role can be much more than that, more dramatic and artistic. Although they serve to see ourselves in them, they also have an extraordinary effect in shaping the space. When used creatively, you can achieve immersive optical illusions with them, enlarge a cramped corner with them, or make an already great interior even more imposing

    ✓ Just prop it up against the wall! With Kea Design

A giant framed mirror propped up against the wall enlivens the atmosphere of the room, and last but not least, when moving, you can easily take it with you when moving. By placing some furniture in front of it, we can soften the effect of the robust and play with the interesting reflections. A giant self-contained framed mirror propped up against the wall will brighten up the atmosphere of the room

    ✓ Let's fill in the drop-in sections! With Kea Design

A great use of wall jumpers is to fill it with a mirror tile. Thus, we give the otherwise difficult-to-use interface not only a function, but also a character. The atmosphere of the room will be more cozy, and from the furniture placed in front of the mirror-tiled wall plane, it will be more homely.

    ✓ Let's increase our wardrobe! With Kea Design

An indispensable part of a full-fledged bedroom is a wardrobe. If we cover the cabinet doors with mirrors, we can increase the sense of space many times over, and it is even useful, since we can check our appearance immediately after dressing.

    ✓ Reach the ceiling! With Kea Design

If our bedroom is cramped, we can redefine the space with a mirror placed behind the bed. Taking advantage of the total wall height, you can give the room depth, without taking away the intimate character of the room.

    ✓ Let's spice up the hallway! With Kea Design

The custom-sized, tailor-made mirror on one of the entire walls of the hallway adds spaciousness, clarity, and even more perspective to the foyer. These rooms are often tiny and cramped, so a floor-to-ceiling mirror opens up the space beautifully.

    ✓ Let's try it in a banded way! With Kea Design

Mirrors used on large wall surfaces are often deceptive, as we cannot decide where the room actually begins and ends. In some spaces, this is not a problem, but in others it can be a problem. In this case, we can also think in mirror tracks as an alternative. In terms of increasing space, we achieve our goal, but still, we do not confuse our gaze and lose our coordination.

    ✓ Let's put it high! With Kea Design

Mirrors can be especially useful when a space is low or its ceiling is unconventional. An amazing effect can be achieved with them if we use them in good proportions and maximize the dimensions. With a split mirror wall running up to the ceiling, we can create an exciting effect, as well as create symmetry and stability due to the reflection of the chandelier and ceiling.

    ✓ Let's enlarge even the smallest room! With Kea Design

A tiny washbasin can also become a pleasantly sized room if one of its walls is covered with a mirror. If mirror cubes with an antique effect are used, the mirror will not only fulfill its original function, but also can be a decorative mind for a small room.

    ✓ Let's have two mirror walls! With Kea Design

In a sufficiently large space, we can also apply the double mirror wall. Covering the perpendicular walls next to each other with a mirror will give the room a luxurious effect and elegance. Here, of course, matching furniture is also indispensable for a magnificent effect.

-Mirrors in our daily lives

We often and often almost routinely use the image reflected from its surface to check our clothing and appearance. But in addition to this, there are many other beneficial properties of mirrors. Mirrors of various sizes and functions can be room decorations, essential furnishings, which is partly determined by the visuals reflected in them. The benefits of this old object of use can be reaped in countless forms within our homes.

-Placement of mirrors

When placing mirrors, you need to be careful, because their effect can be beneficial and, in some cases, even disadvantageous. The larger ones – well placed – can create a feeling of spaciousness in a room, In addition, they can improve the light conditions in darker rooms, especially if they are placed perpendicular to the light. Care should also be taken to see what the mirror itself reflects, as the mirror image doubles the objects in front of it, and even the larger ones even whole room details. And non-beneficial details should not be "doubled".

Framed, it is customary to apply it, as in murals. To taste, they can be large standing, or attached to a wall. For smaller rooms, oval or round shapes are preferable, because they radiate harmony.

The edges of the ready-made mirrors are already factory polished, and the edges of those tailored to the given size and shape only need to be machine sanded if they are not framed. The edges of a custom-made mirror always need to be "pulled off" by hand, but machine grinding gives a much more elegant result. The cutting and edge grinding should always be done by a professional! This is because the unpolished edges that remain free illuminate the glass material of the mirror in a disturbing way.

Framed mirrors are relatively easier to attach, but for larger ones, it is recommended to attach the lower part of the frame to the upper slats with a strong dill attached to the nails, thus relieving the burden even on the lower slats of narrow-framed mirrors. These are usually hung on image hangers similar to images. Their size and number should always be determined in relation to the weight of the mirror. Although mirror plates with a thickness of 3-4 mm are mostly placed in the framed wall mirrors, the curb weight of larger ones is quite significant.

However, the surface of the mirrors creates a sufficiently imposing effect only if it is brilliantly clean. Dust quickly settles on their surface, so it is often necessary to clean it with a glass cleaner, especially those in the bathroom, because although the mist dries off their surface, it can gradually become veiled over time.