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Top Budget Friendly Design Ideas For Your Home

Everyone dreams of having a beautiful and elegant home, many think that it takes a lot of money to create a luxury decoration. Kea design company, can give a luxurious look to your home without breaking the bank. No need to buy overpriced furniture, and no need to spend thousands. There are many ways to create a high-end décor and fit-outs, indeed it’s unnecessary to re-decorate everything, change a few touches here and there. 

Discover our ideas at kea design Dubai, UAE to give your home décor a luxurious side ... without spending all your savings. 

Each of us aspires to have our own home decoration where we live for the rest of our lives, and because of high construction costs in the world in general, many people resort to buying prefabricated houses either through banks or otherwise. However, the problem with these homes is that they may not be in accordance with all the required specifications and details that you aspire to have in your future home. So, some people resort to build their own home decoration and for this reason, these people are keen to build them at the lowest possible cost and to suit their needs and possibilities. 

Kea design Dubai, uae has the best capabilities that are used when designing a modern house in the shortest possible time period. It deals with all engineering maps, and provides you with the best international designs and distinctive offers; You can get a house designed with modern designs at the lowest possible cost, you can build a duplex house with a small garden, based on customer requests, the company also designs large and Arabic majlis, as well as American-designed kitchens and bedrooms overlooking the gardens. 

It has proven its worth in designing the shape of a small house or villa inside and outside at a time and from the beginning of contracting with its customers. 

little secrets to design your home by saving money (from the construction) provided by kea design company after massive market studies to build your home, by mastering your budget, this is our common goal on kea design Dubai, uae. But it seems that economy is hardly compatible, thus our designers will explain several ideas that help build a house at the lowest costs that can be used. 

How to build a house at the lowest costs... Tips and directions to building a house at the lowest costs: 

Be careful not to resort to the cheapest solutions in terms of home safety and security! 

Choosing a plot, it is advisable to consult our engineers before choosing the land, as it may require additional excavation work so large that it increases the cost of construction instead of reducing it. 

Building Materials Costs: metal roofs may be more expensive when installed, but in the long run you will not have to repair or replace them. 

select the quantity of materials required accurately with the help of our competent and reliable engineers, so instead of buying additional materials that you may not use later, do a good study to determine the amount as close as possible to the construction needs. 

Design & Implementation. 

Don't brag too much as you design your home and the requirements you want to implement; just focus on things you can't really live without. However, do not skimp on and do not license the basic components that go into the basic structure and decoration, in doors or windows, in the water or sewage network, in insulation matters, or any fit-outs for your own safety and the safety of your home totally calculated in details. 

Our designers make the best use of the construction space, do not leave unnecessary spaces, and do not design redundant rooms that can be dispensed with in drawing a scheme that exploits all the spaces, they design all exterior and interior architectural designs with the highest efficiency, highest level and in a short time and low cost. 

Modern and classic kitchen design with harmonious colors, high accuracy and free open editing. 

Design of villas, gardens and palaces with the most beautiful and smallest details. Coordination of home gardens, public gardens, palace gardens and villas of all sizes with all trendy fashion such Majorelle blue with its marvelous color and the very peri latest introduction in furniture manufacture. 

Full experience and full knowledge of all architectural programs and on the basis of which you will receive files with the highest accuracy and finest work at best company design in Dubai, uae. Founded in 2012, Kea Design is Dubai’s most creative architectural and interior decoration company which can deliver the most efficient and effective services in interior architecture, interior design architecture, or interior architecture design 3D modelling and visualization, 3D rendering and fit-outs. those experts add realistic touches to the image charts with complete realism and high efficiency. Agreement is made before work and delivery in a short time. 

The top budget-friendly design ideas for your home as per best design company in Dubai, uae: kea design company listed below: 

Focus on essentials: 

Minimalism makes it possible to create a high-end decoration that is inexpensive to set up. 

The decoration of any room takes on a new dimension when you know how to fill it with the right objects. Using too many accessories can be counterproductive and create a sense of disorder. To avoid this, get rid of all superfluous and unnecessary trinkets. Keep items that have sentimental value. When buying decoration at a low price, be sure to acquire only beautiful items. Choose quality over quantity. For an elegant and refined decoration, it is also important to keep a tidy and well-organized house and do not keep unnecessary items, clean your interior and keep only the objects with which you have a history. 

Repaint the walls: 

To illuminate your home without spending a fortune, redo the painting, to change the mood of your interior, all you need is a new color: Repaint your walls. However, please choose your new color carefully, it has a profound impact on the mood of your decoration. You can choose to opt for bright tones or pastel colors, Majorelle blue, it all depends on your personality and preferences; match the color of your walls to that of your furniture, this will help you create a balance and a homogeneous decoration. This will also allow you to produce an elegant and classy rendering. Choose darker shades for interior doors to add a touch of glamour, paints are an economical and effective way to improve the look of your home décor. 

Artworks make the difference: 

Add murals to enhance the visual appearance of your home decoration; when it comes to introducing art into your deco, you will be faced with multiple possibilities; Start by looking at the size, do not do in half measure, choose a work that seems too big or too small, it all depends on your interior, the idea is to attract the attention of your visitors with a work of unexpected dimensions, Artwork adds character to your room, don't worry about the price, there are cheap ways to acquire works of art! You will find affordable and quite decent pieces. 

Add a spectacular touch: 

Mix textures and materials: Professional interior designers decorate luxury homes by layer, the trick is to play on the variety of textures, when you make your own decoration, add various layers in the same space, the change will be immediate. Mix glass, metals, wood and textiles, it makes any room lively and dynamic, create a dominant wall using textures, throw a vintage rug across the room, add colorful cushions and a copper lamp in a corner, adding layers, mirrors and details helps personalize your home and make it unique. 

Add colored carpets: 

Carpets are essential elements of every home, it adds a warm side to your room, and also make it possible to soften wooden floors. Carpets can do so much more for your home, you can acquire a carpet with colorful patterns to give shape to your decoration, by choosing large carpets, you will create a feeling of space, also dividing the room into several small spaces, to do this, place several small carpets rather than a single large carpet in the middle, you can finally arrange a nice little carpet in a corner to highlight an angle of the room, stack the rugs to create an eclectic style for an affordable price. 

Hang your curtains at the right height: 

High-end homes often have high ceilings, you can create the illusion of a high ceiling in your interior home decor: All you need is to hang your curtains very high, hang them near the ceiling or as high as possible, the room will look bigger and classier, so what to look for when choosing curtains for different rooms? Here, don't hang your curtains just above your windows. 

Think about moldings: 

Pay attention to all the architectural details of your home, look at your walls and ceiling; not very interesting? Don't worry, Moldings are an economical and easy way to make them more interesting... Wall panels with moldings give an identity to your room. Beautify your windows by adding frames around them, glue false moldings between your ceiling and walls, add plaster medallions under the chandelier in your living room, all this will help to make your ceiling stand out, these plaster moldings are quite cheap, you will find many patterns on the market. 

Improve lighting: 

Improving your lighting can make all the difference, everything is more beautiful under quality lighting, if your rooms are high ceilings, it is time to add lights, add new fixtures such as accent lamps or lampshades, do not forget about regulators, they will help you control the amount of light you need at any given time, replace your old wall lamps, mix new lamps and second-hand luminaires, choose bright and colorful lampshades and add an elegant chandelier in the dining room, which add a spectacular touch and are the center of attention of your decoration, do not be afraid of price, you will find beautiful pieces at discounted prices in most markets, enhance the warmth and romantic side of your home with proper lighting. 

Be creative: 

A perfect decoration remains incomplete without the presence of a truly unique piece of furniture, move away from conventions, introduce extraordinary furniture. You can choose a second-hand coffee table, an antique wardrobe or an old leather armchair, bring your functional furniture to life by associating an unexpected item with it, once again, no need to spend a fortune, add an out-of-the-ordinary item to create an artistic room decoration. 

With a little effort, you can make your home look luxurious. To do this, think outside the box, Be creative, keep your interior clean and tidy. 

Bring nature in: 

Bring a little Nature into your home to bring your rooms to life, placing a green plant in a corner is always a smart way to bring your room to life, put freshly cut flowers in a beautiful vase will make the most basic space attractive, you can put them everywhere in your home, add plants in your dining room, in your bedrooms or in your bathroom, even artificial plants can create interesting results. 


We can help you create your dreams design: 

Do you want to furnish a new home? Are you renovating your hotel? Do you want to change your interior style? Are you planning to design new restaurant with attractive elements? 

Kea design, manufacture quality furniture that meets your needs, just tell us about yourself and your needs, we will send you a free and non-binding quote. 

Furnish your living room for a unique modern décor 

Having a unique living room in his image is an ambition shared by many. This room is indeed the main one of the houses, and the expectations in terms of decoration are always high. Want a living room that suits you? Follow these 10 simple styling tips for your home and to give a unique touch of modernity to your living room! 

Modern paintings for your living room, are an excellent choice to decorate and give a touch of elegance to the walls of your living room, these are among the most prominent elements of your room. You can fully customize them with modern, colorful and design living room paintings. you can find impressive collections of modern paintings in a variety of themes (animals, nature, city ...). You will certainly find a canvas that inspires you. The latter will then be printed with spray paint to ensure good fidelity. All you have to do is dress your walls to bring cheerfulness to your living room. 

Do you want to make a makeover of your living room? You should know that in terms of decorative trend, the choice of materials is very important at the moment. For example, if you don't feel like undertaking major work, a beautiful marble table can perfectly change the atmosphere of your living room. 

Wood, a must 

For what to do when choosing flooring for different rooms, wood is a noble species that is making a comeback in the world of interior design, for the decoration of your living room, wood has regained its letters of nobility in furniture, joinery and even in floor coverings. The woodwork is very design, and the different finishes and fit-outs exist for all tastes and budgets. 

Reasons to adopt upcycling in interior design 

are you familiar with this concept? It is the reuse of used objects or products, by renewing its shape or by changing its style. It is sometimes confused with recycling, which consists of transforming an old object into a new one. Upcycling is now invading the interior design sector: vintage furniture and retro-style accessories are the delight of lovers of personalized decoration. 

It's unique! 

There's nothing more frustrating than seeing the same model of sofa or table you have in your home in a neighbor's or friend's house. Thanks to the upcycled furniture, you always have a unique piece, which you will not find anywhere else. By creating or buying an object through upcycling, you are guaranteed to bring a note of originality to your home. So, roll up your sleeves and get started: turn your old wooden pallets into a sublime storage material. You will see that you will take great pleasure in doing this work. Decorating your home with what's left has the advantage of boosting your creativity and imagination, and why not invite your spouse or children to join you in this mission? 

It's stylish! 

Contrary to what one might think, upcycled furniture brings charm to your slow-life interior and transforms an atmosphere. A majestic mirror in carved wood, a pair of chairs reupholstered in the bistro style or a children's side table in reclaimed wood adapt to all types of housing, not to mention that it saves money. 

“Who works, master his work” kea design company Dubai, UAE deeply and strongly follow this headline proving success and prosperity which you can realize obviously through our artistic masterpieces and fit outs in Dubai, UAE and all-over continent branches.