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Veri Peri

Every year, the style trends change, whether in fashion or home design.

Globally, new colors are considered “in-style”, new combinations are preferred, and new guidelines are added. This does not mean that the old ones are completely disregarded but are rather revised and re-approached from a new perspective. This continuous change is what the people in these types of industries are on the lookout so as to be able to offer them to their budget friendly offers.

One of the most important yearly announcements, comes from Pantone, a New Jersey based company, whose influence is worldwide and across many industries. Who is Pantone? The Pantone Color Institute provides color standards used by home design companies. They provide a consulting service that “forecasts global color trends and advises companies on color in brand identity and product development, for the application and integration of color as a strategic asset.” Founded in 1962 by Lawrence Herbert, Pantone’s main success derives from the standardization of colors, that are not globally used as a reference, not only in graphic design, but in wall coloring, printing, interior design, and fashion. The importance of the standardization lies in the fact that different companies in different countries can reference a Pantone color by its name and color and still get the same result without having to meet and check if the two match. For example, a business owner may need to rebrand his company: His graphic designer finalizes new logo brand and company color brand book. These can be then utilized by the interior designer responsible for renovating the company’s offices or shop. By having the Pantone color codes, the interior designer can use them to choose wall paint, fabrics, or even kitchen cabinets. Taking it a step further, the same colors can also be used in staff uniforms, professional business cards and catalogue printing. Their use is versatile and reliable. Lawrence Herbert, saw a gap in the industry when he realized that communicating with customers on specific color choices yielded differences in between what the company produced and what the client actually wanted. Drawing inspiration from color cards used by cosmetic manufacturers, Herbert decided that it was time to standardize colors and have color cards that could be used across various industries as a reference. Within a few years, the Pantone color books had sold more than 100,000 copies. As new colors are added each year, the company offers more color books depending on the industry and material. These are a must have especially for manufacturing companies and interior designers, as they are a means of communication, a type of lingua franca, that helps achieve the desired results. The announcement of the color (or colors) of the year by Pantone is a grand event. It gets media coverage in the press and for good reason. More than just a fashion statement, the choice is made by a team of experts who throughout the year study the trends and gather information. Ultimately, the crowned color is a cultural statement on the current state of society at the time. For example, in 2016, two color were chosen, Rose Quartz and Serenity, essentially Pink and Blue, referencing gender equality and fluidity, as both colors had been associated with both genders at some point in history. Similarly, the end of 2016, marked the ending of a year full of major negative events, hence for 2017, Pantone chose Greenery as a symbol of hope and of reconnecting with nature. More recently, in 2021, with the pandemic aftermath, two contrasting colors were chosen, Ultimate Grey and Illuminating for budget friendly terms.

According to Pantone, the two colors convey a “message of strength and hopefulness that is both enduring and uplifting” and gives hope, as a way of responding to the depressing pandemic state. For 2022, Pantone announced Veri Peri as the color of the year and people from various backgrounds are ecstatic over the choice. Pantone has described it as: “Encompassing the qualities of the blues, yet at the same time possessing a violet-red undertone, PANTONE 17-3938 Veri Peri displays a spritely, joyous attitude and dynamic presence that encourages courageous creativity and imaginative expression.” The name itself is a reference to the plant periwinkle, whose flowers have the same color as the Veri Peri. Periwinkle as a plant is used to cover empty spots in a garden. Its strong roots are also helpful in preventing weed from growing. This ability is echoed in the explanation provided by Pantone. For them, this is the time for healing and closing gaps.

Following the difficult and traumatic pandemic years, countries and nations need to come out of their isolation and explore new territories. A direct reference to the vastly changing world, and the new ways by which our lives have been affected without forgetting search of budget friendly fit-outs and integrated with technology through the metaverse and the NFTs. Veri Peri closes the gaps in between the world we knew and the one we are currently experiencing.

A color found in nature has become the symbol of the digital era, thus “Very Peri illustrates the fusion of modern life and how color trends in the digital world are being manifested in the physical world and get into home design process”. Since its announcement in December, Veri Peri has been used across many sectors. On the runway it has been used by many, most notably, House of Lanvin, Chanel, Versace and Jill Sander. As a result, the color has also appeared on the red carpet, worn by many celebrities, including Lady Gaga in the premiere of House of Gucci.

Apart from fashion, Veri Peri has also been used as a hair color, in makeup, and Multimedia Design. Well-known companies like Microsoft and Arthouse have collaborated with Pantone, to use the color in their products or campaigns. It is exciting to see Veri Peri being used by interior designers. As a futuristic color, it can be used to add a sense of modernism and “playful freshness”, either as a standalone or as part of a combination among design ideas. Its dual nature, the bright red and the soft blue, make Very Peri the “chameleon” of colors, as it can be paired with both bright and natural palettes, and in an array of design styles. It has been used successfully in commercial design ideas for shops, coffee houses and company branding, as a calm yet dynamic color, in logos, walls, and decorative art. In home design, the color is found on upholstery, cushions, rugs, and vases. Depending on interior designer ideas, it can either be used to create a contrast in a minimalistic space, create a cozier look in a traditional style or even a modern futuristic one. Its ability to adapt to any space and with a vast number of styles and combinations, is what makes Veri Peri a “chameleon”. We @ KEA Design, are always keen on learning the latest news and trends, not only in in home design, but in other sectors as well, as we feel that everything is connected. Not long ago, for example, velvet fabric was so popular that it was not only used by the fashion industry, but in furniture design ideas as well. This is evident from the Pantone Color of the Year, whose popularity each year spreads on all industries, one way or another. As a team of experts who are passionate about our jobs, we are always fascinated by the new developments and techniques that we come across and are eager to see them being implemented, and experiment with them. However, at @ KEA-Design, our clients come first. When we take on a project, no matter how big or small it may be, our first priority is to discuss with you, and listen to what you like, think, expect, and prefer. This very important part of the process determines the outcome of the project. By discussing with you, with budget friendly options we can understand your style and needs so that we can make tailored recommendations to your home design project. Just like no two people can be the exact same, then no two homes, or work offices, shops or cafes can be either. Our main goal in taking over a project is to create something that you, our client, will enjoy, not only in terms of practicality but of visual aesthetic. Your space should be an extension of yourself in order to make you happy, and we @ KEA-Design aim to do just that. There is a large number of home design styles covering from simple clean-cut lines of modernist and minimalist, to traditional classical, industrial, and coastal. Just like with clothes shopping, not everything that is ready-made can be worn by everyone.

Design ideas and Styles are guidelines for the final result. After talking to you, we start researching and experimenting with the style that we feel will suit you best. This includes many steps, from space planning, choice of floor and wall colors, furniture style and upholstery, wall art and decorative vases and cushions. Even the smallest details like choosing the handles of the kitchen cupboards are important in setting the tone and mood of a room. Sometimes, styles can be mix and matched opening new horizons and opportunities all with a real budget friendly to suit all kind of customers capability.

Colors like the Veri Peri or Grey can fall into many styles, creating different vibes. This is why a good interior designer should be flexible and be able to adjust any trend to fit their current project. Doing so, will not only create a space unique for their customer, making them feel special, but will also speak to them directly as it will reflect their personality. So, is it necessary to follow trends or not? Although trends are by definition what is popular at any given time, they are not for everyone and not in the same extend. For example, a designer has two completely different projects. A luxurious apartment in the city and a traditional coffee shop. The designer will take many things into consideration after consulting with his customers budget friendly and design ideas. What is the overall style of the area? Are there any expectations? If the designer feels that both projects could use a splash of a current trend, there are ways to incorporate it. In the apartment, Veri Peri can be used as a velvet fabric with many design ideas and a large minimal style painting and mixed with high-end gold and Majorelle Blue accessories and white home design furniture.

On the other hand, in the traditional setting, the home designer may opt for armchairs in the Veri Peri color, or a big wall painted in that color but matched in a more natural toned setting, with beige and sand variations. Same color, same trend, but different results. The same logic can be applied to other uses of the color, whether that is a logo design, a hair color, or a garment or many other design ideas. Every year, Pantone announces a color that is considered to be the trend. The truth is that it is more than a random color. As each year passes, events, whether good or bad, change and shape our world, our nations, our very society. When Pantone makes a choice, it creates a visual summary of the year that passed, with a message for what the future may hold. How can one color be all of that? With 60 years of experience, Pantone is now considered a trend setter. Veri Peri is praised for its amazing combination of blue and red hues that give it the ability to be everything at once. Futuristic and traditional, digital, and natural, modern and classical, feminine and masculine, this color encompasses the ever-changing world we live in with budget friendly creativity. Although it is an amazing color and can be matched with a vast number of styles and spaces home design, whether residential interiors or recreational, interior designers need to remember that just because it is fashionable, does not make it the perfect choice for everyone.

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An interior designer’s loyalty is not with the trends, but with their customer, and should therefore be in position to offer solutions to them that may or may not include the latest trends of design ideas. Even in the case where these trends are being used, they need to be tailored and either toned down or maxed up in order to create a project that will not just get the world’s admiration but, first and foremost, the customer’s dreams and budget friendly costs.