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What Is An Interior Designer?

UAE, leading country for technology and quick development in all sectors also wisdom, tactic and strategy of uae leadership has proven great performance and attraction for latest industries, such as construction engineering, interior design, interior and green decorating, …

Modernization of Dubai, required an important field of creation and the necessity of interior designers who must collect information from:

  1. Construction engineers: it is very important to follow safety rules of each country for example in Dubai with high temperature degrees firefighting is a most, interior designer should have detail knowledge of all requirements for people safety, emergency lightening, material selection and cosmetically pleasant.
  2. Documentation must be prepared specifying the details of home decor Dubai on all aspects such as: Elevation, ceiling, Electrical plans and finishing.
  3. When choosing the materials, it is very important for interior designer to achieve his work including fire rating of walls finishing, air quality, slip resistance and voc of materials.
  4. Green designs became a focus, for interior decoration Dubai, we must consider a lot of things like indoor air quality, natural sun light, natural materials, reducing water consumption and reducing noise levels.

At UAE, the Dubai style moved from the traditional old living to the perfect home design, home decoration and amazing buildings made with latest innovative technologies: digital elevators, windows glass and walls fire rated, emergency exits and central conditioning…

Home renovation ideas at uae, took a large place in home industry, once the customer decide to check the furniture market, online shopping uae, through interior design magazine uae or by visiting interior design company uae, interior designer discuss great ideas to satisfy customer needs:

  • Quality of old furniture, cost calculation of new stylish products; result will be effectively affordable prices.
  • Skills in market requests with powerful, essential part of our daily lives and affects how we live, work, and even heal.
  • Comfortable homes, functional workplaces, beautiful public spaces in order to complete the aim of designing which is feeling comfortable in all parts of day and night.

The perfect career for everyone who has eligibility, visualization skills and the ability to create and imagine the space is an “interior designer”.

An interior designer aims to create magical results using his own imagination, the targeted environment and the customer’s request.

An interior designer could be a one who is employed to style an area. whereas this job could seem like merely selecting paint and putting furnishings there is rather more to that. Interior designers participate within the abstract development and execution of their styles

At uae, interior designers use the summer sale promotions to diversify ideas of home furnishings particularly search piece of furniture with big selection of things, but the most role of designer is to feature their bit on furnishings business changed to afford every type of potential customers.

Responsibilities of real house decorator resumes representing typical tasks they’re possible to perform in their roles.

•Lead the event of BIM modeling content for the design team as an immediate report back to the manager and lead architects (Building info modeling) could be a method supported by numerous tools, technologies and contracts involving the generation and management of digital representations of physical and useful characteristics of places, and 3d models throughout the development method, saving demolition price with nice results

•Utilize Photoshop and InDesign to provide render floor plans; choose end merchandise and voc materials (volatile organic compounds) that area unit organic chemicals that have a high pressure at temperature, high pressure correlates with an occasional boiling purpose for shopper shows.

  • Create workplace area plans and facility layouts.
  • Used ACAD and PV syst to make construction drawings.
  • Monitor orders exploitation the retail purpose of sale (POS) system.
  • Utilize Photoshop to create many presentations for potential customers in uae.
  • Utilize Photoshop to produce floor plans; select finish products and voc materials (volatile organic compounds) organic chemicals with high vapor pressure at room temperature for client presentations.
  • Create office plans and facility layouts.
  • Use ACAD and PV syst to create drawings.
  • Monitor orders using the point of sale (POS) system

At this moment clients became educated and ready to reach social medias. This technology joined the globe along and oblige corporations to produce the simplest of their merchandise and merchandise at lowest costs and same quality.

Some furniture designs will cover the market but masterpiece items cannot be made in big quantities even it can save costs, industries use this way in order to increase their profit. This way will fail after a while. if the customer designer wants to trend his power and fascinate clients and intended society.

The uae interior designers capable to satisfy customers, are rare as this country is destination of making money people thus intelligent factories should follow designer’s instructions in a complicated way without thinking of quick indirect income.

 In general, interior designer should discuss customer needs, financial capacity and mostly for individuals and especially native, should get spouse opinion. Consequently, the masterpiece creator will feel comfortable to present and show all his files, propositions and ideas.

Here the main role of the designer:

  1. controlling the customer
  2. showing pure consultation
  3. non greedy intention.
  4. Spouse agreed, congratulations work accepted
  5. accurate delivery date
  6. cleaning space.
  7. Small gift aside, generosity will impress client
  8. Feedback after few months.

International exhibitions in Dubai, is fruitful and show prosperous companies of wood and designs industry, a various worldwide famous companies share their experience at that place and it is not classified, so every visitor can track their sites.

Encouraging people investing in designing field help graphic designers crossing any financial obstacle and focusing on creativity and vision.

Uae market is divided into retail and corporate market,

Retail market: cover noticeable group of native and residents, profitable field with similar designs, imitations when visiting each other and leading to the source of production nearly all expected customers will grant the job to graphic designer

Corporate market: online orders or exhibition’s one procures their orders in quantities all around the world or to a specified population with fixed budgets. Profit here is less but the quantity influence on factory income with less work of graphic designers so equilibration of income moves the company upper.

Walk in clients affect business in many good ways, no one can pretend covering Dubai population requests alone, free trade and wealth country add more value to any industry, risks exist but doesn’t decrease global business income “financial or prosperous”.

Graphic designers in uae, must participate in decoration skills of mosques, asset of religion, part of tradition. Hereby a lot of emirates concentrate on designs, the competition allows graphic designers to enter emirates home from faith and trust door.

The largest market in middle east was established in uae, continuous prosperity, technology, vision and confidence will arise this country with intelligent graphic designers and above.

The pandemic covid 19 oblige all the world to follow safety procedures, uae was following tough rules to minimize infections between the multipopulational country, medias and online delivery ways helped graphic designers in uae to satisfy customers.

At least staying home during that disease was an opportunity to graphic designer to improve lifestyle of forced people staying home and feel comforted with best designs and natural or artificial boards, attractive furniture, green areas around, waterflows, pools, indirect multicolor lights…

Despite that corona virus, citizens and residents, all kind of workers, teachers, graphic designers, doctors, nurses, engineers, traders, showed high responsibility and commitment about rules and commitment towards the state who incubate all the diversity population living in.

Consequences are equitable for both parties, people are reaching all their goals “financial income, kids education, health, medication, peace …

The state became one of the best top touristic countries with a collection of landmarks and extraordinary designs.

However, the great interior designers will suppose creatively concerning the utilization of area, color, movement and can draw on alternative inventive mediums for inventive inspiration. they’ll even be effective communicators with the power to influence in communication a style plan.

Successful interior designer uae, should follow guidelines, indeed applicable. Best targeted customers in Dubai, but individuals, is hospitality management in which you can find various space to get business in graphic design field:

  1. Restaurants especially worldwide cuisine investing in Dubai, mostly use simple unique design and decoration.
  2. Hotels with lobby entrance decoration, needs attractive designs, indirect lights, colors, green spaces, impressive boards…
  3. Gyms: healthy sweating inside fitness courts become dangerous unless indoor conditioning equalized and calibrated depending to the weather outdoor.
  4. Wedding halls: specifically interior designer Dubai, as per tradition, follow high instructions and standards assigned for those events.
  5. Schools and Kindergartens: with many branches it is important to produce same design all around Dubai.

Like many professions, graphic designer uae, with a firm located in uae, good team and high performance should keep in mind many important issues:

  1. Saving costs in all fields of work:
  2. Salaries: multifunction labors (carpenters, painters, electricians)
  3. Sub-contracting for small works which is sometimes costless
  4. Turn off for machines running and spending electricity without need.
  5. Water consumption: water and electricity very costly as we can save.
  6. Data and financial back up for everything in order to refer easily.
  7. Reply immediately for all requests at any time, clients need quick service otherwise change their mind.
  8. Keeping all made designs portable for sudden requests.
  9. Follow up with old customers: graphic designers uae involved in the best sophisticated market should maintain friendly relation with old clients.
  10. Many graphic designers may find it difficult to verbalize design because much of the design process is intuitive and implied knowledge rather than explicit and logical thinking.
  11. Today, clients are looking for graphic designers who have strong knowledge and background in research methodologies for testing design outcomes.
  12. Clients request experience, proof of skills, size of the firm, so for newest designers it is little bit harder to take place in the huge and complicated market of uae.
  13. t is important for a client to understand something about the design business and the scope of services available.
  14. Presentation methods required:
  15. Present a preliminary schematic.
  16. Prepare a comprehensive file.
  17. Discuss client’s function, vision and budget.
  18. Use of images and words.
  19. Explain diagrams, organizational charts and visual concepts.
  20. Recommend preliminary layout solutions, construction methods and material and finally recommend furniture.
  21. Use of models and present perspectives.
  22. The interior designer’s duty also at this point is to develop adequate techniques for helping his client’s perception of the space and guide him through the transition period. 
  23. Designer may use different probing techniques like the use state-of-mind probes, echo probes, i.e., to repeat what the client says to encourage him expand on a theme, to return to an issue already discussed and ask a reflective question.

Following these points will effectively satisfy the buyer and seller and according to Dubai market it is applicable as the authorities are very flexible and all raw materials required can be reached on the spot. The income of natural sources of uae was invested to allow all companies worldwide to invest in Dubai.

 Interior designer advantages and disadvantages:

 • Creativity: starting customer visit till masterpiece 

 • Work schedule: interior designer, uae can set his working hours.

• Freelancers: most interior designers are freelancers and don’t get steady income unless showing amazing results and good performance

• Patience and control: when meeting clients, it is essential to understand their needs and financial capacity to compromise a satisfying choice

• Sustainable profession: the skills of an interior designer plus experience make this profession sustainable and scalable because this field in Dubai is in daily progress and the diversity of population lead designers to invent the “almost impossible”.

 • Concurrence: the challenge imposed on interior designers uae, require inspiration and imagination to succeed reaching consensus about customers request and total achievement.

• The huge power of civilization in uae, native, residents and tourists help furniture factories to be involved in international market, so raw materials trading sector will be diversified into all taste and choices. Successful interior designer uae, need to create, run his own firm and to choose a team from various environments. In this way demand will be multi increased. The more skill proven by this firm will escalate it into the top of local market, consequently to international ones. Successful interior designer, uae is someone who like his profession, stay connected with all competitors’ products and appreciate his accomplished work for his own soul and satisfaction before the customer. Successful interior designer uae, create new ideas, reconfigure his work on daily basis with latest technologies and generous on supporting his team for best results. Successful interior designer uae, search inside government establishments, military field or private companies in which can find wide range of potential customers. Successful interior designer uae, has priorities: marketing, quality, customer visits, supporting annoying clients, avoiding mistakes or defaults in finishing. Successful interior designer uae, follow up his work from A to Z even small details his fortune will be his reputation. Successful interior designer uae, do not hesitate to present many proposals despite expenses; at the end if agreement is signed, sold product will be precious for interior designer more than who request it.


It is important for our client to:

  • Get the scope of services available.
  • Presentation methods required are Presenting a preliminary schematic, preparing a comprehensive file, discussing client’s function, vision and budget, using of images and words, explaining diagrams, organizational charts and visual concepts.
  • recommending preliminary layout solutions, construction methods and material and finally recommend furniture.
  • Using of models and present perspectives. our interior designer’s duty also at this point is to develop adequate techniques for helping our client’s perception of the space and guide him through the transition period.
  • Graphic Designer may use different probing techniques like the use state-of-mind probes, echo probes, to repeat what the client says to encourage him expand on a theme.
  • Clients at uae want to hear the graphic designer say: “Here is your problem, and this is our solution.” They also like a designer who shows understanding for their viewpoint, they need encouragement from their graphic designer and often need to know how products work and will fit into their lifestyle.
  • our smartest designers can explain things in the simplest terms.

 The presentation is completely simple, well organized, and including small details.

 During the presentation, our designer can describe the expertise and knowledge of his staff and explain how they will interact on the project.

 Also, our graphic designer at KEA Can provide references to previous clients who have used the same services for similar jobs, and he can explain how kea design is different from its competitors. Revealing the strong points, kea can offer what other cannot, and can rehearse the presentation and trying it out before the actual one takes place.

Kea graphic designers will stay connected with each request 24/7 at customers disposal and upon request.