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What To Look For, When Choosing Flooring For Different Rooms?

Genius, who improved our lifestyle through generations in all fields with perpetual progress, are highly appreciated as glorious inventors who save us time, increase business opportunities and connect people easily: Their memory will remain immortal throughout history as men who have changed lifestyles and added well-being.

Kea graphic design company Dubai, UAE with an educated team at best Graphic academies as the best content and certificates accredited internationally, ensuring full theory, experience, lovers of renewal, excellence and difference, The goal of internal decoration is to provide some “sensation” of emptiness. The application includes wall painting, wallpaper, other floors and ceilings, the selection of furniture and fittings such as lamps, the provision of suitable kinetic space and the allocation of items. These studies are often carried out within the internal conditions, interior designers sometimes used interchangeably between the engineer and the owner to choose and display the interior items within the space, such as furniture, decorations, accessories and interior designs.

Our strength feature distinguished by learners, experienced and inspirational talented members who adore their job to achieve the desired goal” customers wish satisfaction”.

The planning and design of the interior spaces, which aim to harness the material, spiritual and social needs of the people, which in turn ensure the safety of the house or building. The interior design consists of technical and planning aspects, as well as concerns the aesthetic and artistic aspects as well, planning the interior design of the buildings specialized engineers and interior designers, as well as the possibility that amateurs design the aesthetic and artistic aspects of the place because they are elements that do not cause danger to the life of the user.

Coordination and creation of beautiful shapes involve internal architectural manipulation of the emptiness. The decoration is the latest material and inventions produced by the human genius and follows the natural artistic sense of the human being and depends on modern colors and classy shapes.

The latest forms of home flooring depend on the idea of designing your entire home décor based on your personal taste and the interiors of the rooms as well, so if the interiors of the rooms are really amazing and wonderful, the choice of floor design ideas that complement the interiors will not be a big problem as these days we find many floor designs that are simply wonderful and amazing besides, there are many different types of floor design ideas, including hard solid floors, marble or glass floors available in many wonderful colors, Some bathrooms floors can be designed from the most luxurious types of shiny porcelain and luxuriously shaped based on simple waves of gray and black, from other side some floors that suit the classy classic taste are made of ceramic distinctive brown with beige, These modern home decorations have the appeal, difference and beauty also a blue ceramic floor with pale yellow and blue walls with a white bath set can also be relied upon, These main colors give you the feeling that your home is larger, and those who want to design these decorations must choose dark-colored furniture with both floor and carpet engraved.

This consistency is one of the coolest and most beautiful ideas of decorations that you can design in your home if it is small, because it gives it an attractive magic touch that is very glamorous and wonderful, and it is considered one of the most beautiful decorations for small houses from the inside

When designing a new house, you cannot lose sight the importance of ceramic house floors because it is used in all rooms, as used in the kitchen and bathroom next to ceramic walls. Here shows its importance for a number of reasons, including that ceramichouse floor takes up the largest space when making decorations, and its colors must suit the paints colors of the walls, furniture and furnishings, many people prefer not to cover ceramic floors or cover the rooms partly by using small carpets space above floor ceramics especially in residential interiors.

On the other hand, there are many inscriptions from floor ceramics, such as geometric patterns and overlapping lines, as well as color shades, floor ceramics with exciting Moroccan style decorations including bright colors, 3D ceramic shapes and designs, floor ceramic designs could be parquet forms, shiny and other forms of rain and forms of natural stone, in multiple sizes, and there are many wonderful ways to install them that add an exciting touch to the decorations of modern houses, such as ceramic units installation that contain a different drawing in the middle of the room, but in the sides and corners are installed plain ceramic units containing neutral colors, units can also be installed in the form of a chess table, cut and installed in the form of a bee-hive, to suit the décor of the house entrance or lounges.

The dining room is as important as the bedroom and living room when choosing house designing, as it is the place where family members gather for breakfast, lunch or dinner together, so the interior design of this room must be carefully selected taking into account all the important details. Whether you’re a fan of simple, classic or modern decorations, a range of innovative tips and ideas to choose the perfect dining room décor for the family, from start to detail could be found at alamer interior design uae LLC design uae. Urbanization requires to follow the unlimited progress of architectural graphic design need of the population variety from all around the world, Dubai, center of world trade indeed has proven ability to attract all kinds of prosperity despite warm weather and invest powerful creators who discriminate all cores or weak points also join the middle east tradition to the world urbanization and stayed connected with perpetual lifestyle progress.

Rooms distribution is architectural repartition; however, each room place should be well chosen: such kitchen with big window and ceramic walls, dining room near the kitchen as well, living room near the main entrance and lobby, salon also near the kitchen and main entrance, and for sure bedrooms separate from the welcoming area.

The striped design, particularly a soft ceramic line and an obvious line, can be adopted with a small dark edge of the colors mainly found in the wall.

Ceramics can be inserted into the shape of a square to the wall, and in the middle leaves a large empty box that can be painted or covered with wallpaper or mirrors. Even parquet ceramics are used in the cladding of the walls of modern exterior buildings.

It is recommended to place the dining table near a large window if possible, or to choose a modern light and place it directly above the table, and light lighting touches such as those inside the glass cabinets for kitchen tools, or hidden behind ornamental plants.It is preferable to choose practical floors for dining rooms, such as a safe wooden floor or parquet that adds a touch of beauty and warmth to the house, as well as easy cleaning and the possibility of polishing and sorting it anytime.

Floor selection options vary, with those who prefer to place the most luxurious marble or ceramic types, covering them with any type of carpet, and in return many prefer to hide the entire floor with moquette, parquet or pvc, …

Pros and advantages,

Wooden floors known as Parquet floors offer many features to the place in which they are added and are one of the most popular options for winter decorations where they give warmth to the place, and here are other features of wood floors in the house decoration:

Add a touch of beauty and elegance

Easy cleaning of parquet floors

sense of warmth to the house.

Possible and easy transportation

Most types of wood flooring are safe and non-flammable quickly

Polishing possibility

Defects and disadvantages, mostly, wooden floors require:

Special budget, expensive

Total care, could be damaged and scratched easily

If not well fitted, floors became noisy

Dust appears clearly on it, requiring almost daily cleaning

Wood sizes change slightly when exposed to certain temperatures and humidity

Wood exposure to moisture brings insects.

PVC floors are part of the modern style in the interior design of the house decor, known for a number of names that reflect their qualities, including plastic floors, flexible floors, stone plastic floors, rubber floors as well as vinyl floors, environmentally friendly where PVC flooring is made in accordance with international standards, it does not contain any toxic substances:

Moisture and mold resistance making it an ideal choice for bathroom and kitchen floors

Their prices are reasonable compared to other floor types

UV absorbable

Plastic parquet floors are famous for their light materials, making it easier to install and remove

Diversity of forms and designs

Easy to clean.

But it could be easily scratched by heavy furniture and sharp objects

Its color is affected when it is connected to rubber

Color quality decreases when direct exposure to sunlight

Strong types of detergents not recommended.

The growing demand for ceramic material in interior decoration is cheap, used in wall and floor designs, available in many colors, and takes modern or classic style and decorations that suggest it is a natural rock. Note that ceramics are manufactured material, and the larger the ceramic piece the more aesthetic the floors.

The high demand on ceramic and porcelain in Dubai, uae forced people since uae Industrial and commercial revolution getting self-sufficiency by installing and establishing their own factories especially ceramic tiles, bringing latest technologies to Dubai, and became leader industrial country in the middle east.

Therefore, extensive choices of floor tiles design are available through local market plus imported products allow people to choose between expensive or cheap, later on uae became worldwide exporter and compete best brands factories.

The basic sitting room looks comfortable to consider, with a light grey-colored wooden floor, a white sofa that has largely matched the white walls, and a honey velvet sofa, glass table, a large mirror that has given the room more phantom size, a chandelier of 3 different white cylinders in size, with simple decorations. Some methods, based on the use of old materials such as leather, embroidered and invaded fabrics and wool-filled carpets, which is observed on the floors of some houses in Dubai

The master bedrooms should have a dream bed where the pillows should be white and high, coordinated with hazel sofas, a table with distinctive design, and a black and white panel. Flooring with Spanish tile add elegance even covered by small carpets, it reflects the special light effects invented by home designer.

Italian diversity choice of tiles which were invading the world through many years add simplicity, persistence and sustainability to the floor due to vast creations.

In some villas, special design with singing gardens and shared iron and wooden lines that form striped ceilings, sharing the land with old wood.

The exterior stairs connect the floors of the house to each other, and the white handrail forms an impregnable wall around it. The exterior is also sung with spacious surfaces with sessions featuring more than one image busy with striped wood with white sofas.

This style can be attracted to Dubai, as endless possibilities available, from the center of Lebanon very old designs merging perfection, beauty and strangeness, taking care of living and sleeping rooms, salons, children room, modern bathrooms and kitchens, all complementary elements, to blend bold and modern decorations at the same time.

Many options are available to finish your home flooring. Choosing a suitable type is important as replacing or renovating floors is not easy. Floors that are used heavily as laboratory, hospital or shop floors where marble floors or granite floors are preferred. Granite floors bear and can be polished and returned as they were at little cost. Granite floors are high in price but there is no comparison between the quality and beauty of granite floors after finishing. So, it’s a favorite choice for a lot of people.

Our strength also characterized by traditional models from Lebanon, which remains valid in all design’s purposes showing Lebanese skills and vision, joining latest creativity in graphic design: the high-end quality fit out of our delivered projects subject of quality control in each small details to avoid any neglect or omitting unexpected issues.

The budget you want to spend on finishing your home flooring will determine what kind of materials you will use. It is preferable to use marble or some kind of natural stone in finishing the floors because they can always be renovated polishing to enjoy the flooring as it was when installed. The main reason for choosing marble floors or granite in general is because it expresses the luxury of the place and makes us prouder of our homes adding to this natural floor marble materials extracted from the mountains have not been manufactured or added any chemicals that may be harmful to our lives, Marble floors have a different luster and shine than any other materials used such as ceramics.

Thus, kea design one of the best designs companies in Dubai, select best team to chow you infinite models and wide range of stones, granite, and marble each has specifications (natural stone from Lebanon east mountains, marble from Jordan, Syria, sultanate of Oman.

Keep in mind that Lebanon natural durable stone used for main walls villas entrance can support weather changes, wind, heavy rain “under sun became shiny, under rain became wonderful “

If you are planning to use simple cement and blocks, it will be more costly as it requires paint, coating and water-resistant roof and need renewal after many years.

Consequently, any house is the space of comfort, if we deliver our designing project to unfaithful designers with no experience or skills creativity, we obtain failed design inadequate to our dreams and require changing of décor suitable to expected one but more costly.

Kea designers Dubai, uae, has been successfully proven efficiency and records in achieving requested business not only in furnishings, furniture but also instructions to get best results from A to Z as designer has no imagination limits due to his large experience visiting sites, checking work step by step and suggesting process of construction hand by hand with architect or even with the owner.

Dubai, best performant city ever, crossed Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, even shanghai and many other famous cities in all fields and still shining from GCC middle, to Mercury without any limits, it is a dream should be realized. 

Absolutely, Kea is one of the best providers and followers of these technology otherwise you will stay at the bottom without even any personal qualifying.

When to look for when choosing flooring for different rooms and more, kea remains at your disposal anytime and everywhere.